Sunday, May 27, 2012

Its been awhile...

I thought I would posting to tell you that I lost about 6 pounds over lent when I gave up sugar, however, I cant. After weighing this morning... all the sweets ive had since easter have now made my weight loss a total of 2 pounds. I wanted to cry! Problem is im craving sugar more now since i gave it up for lent. ugh. Lent should be year round. I dont now why i can just tell myself no.. i did for 40 days!

But that will all change. This morning i ran. I am determined to get back into exercising. I must fit in my dress that i bought at 6 lbs down! I recently read the first few chapters of the 17 day diet. Seems easy enough.. its very similar to the Paleo diet i thought about doing. but who am i kidding? i need my samiches and beans!

I will hopefully be posting alot more on here to try and keep myself accountable (isnt that why i started the blog??)

Have a great memorial weekend!