Sunday, June 10, 2012

5:30 am


Thats what time ive been waking up lately. And on purpose. Ive been getting up early to go to the closest school track to get my runs in. Ive started my 5k trainer over again. Im only in week 2, but im seeing improvements in my running already, since taking a 2 month break.




Along with my running i hope to throw in some strength training. No one wants to see my are jiggling around at the wedding, right? or back fat… le sigh. Anywhos. I have a plan all scheduled out for this week.. lets just see if i can follow it.



Ive also been reading up on clean eating, made a grocery list, and hope to do some prepping today. Eating is a bigger issue for me than exercise, so i hope this new lifestyle change helps alot and can lose the weight i hope to. of course there will be cheating.. im not letting the eclair cake i made go to waste! :)


Hope you have a great sunday!