Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Day 2: WIAW

so yesterday was day 2. and well, i had my first mess up. youll see below. i was just having a bad day yesterday and usually i turn to food for comfort. but i was trying my best not to let that occur yesterday. but i promised myself i wouldnt be hard on myself this round. if i mess up on well, im human and im still eating atleast 90% paleo. i mean hello.. YOLO!!

i also didnt work out, cuz well, i just plain didnt feel like it. i do so much better getting up in the mornings to work out. but lately when my alarm goes off, i just turn it off and roll over. i gotta get better with that.

heres a look at what i ate:

eggs, chorizo, and a banana, same ole same ole

leftover paleo chili from the weekend

i stole some almond butter from my boss cuz i was having a sweet craving. it kinda worked.

soo. i had a wendys salad. yes i ate the cheese, but i used a healthier dressing i had at home.

i ran errands after work and i knew the hubby wouldnt be home. and by the time i got home it was 7 and biggest loser was coming on, so i stopped and got a salad on my way home. just a little mess up. nothing cray cray.

tomorrow is always a new start, right?
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Monday, October 21, 2013

Day 1: Here we go!

well. its day one of my second round of whole 30. im craving all kinds of yummy stuff. ive also been hungry all day. i dont remember being hungry this much last time. im trying to drink lots of water to try and fill the hole. i need to incorporate maybe some snacks in my day.

i also did workout 1 of jillian michaels body revolution. i wanna incorporate alot more working out this time around to see if it improves my results.

so heres a look at what i ate today.

 egg, chorizo, and a banana

turkey and bacon lettuce wraps, deviled eggs, and cucmubers

tonight is pork chops, broccoli, and pineapple

so far the day has gone well. if i get too hungry tonight ill take my bosses advice and just go to bed. he also says "if you arent hungry, its not working" ha. so hopefully its working?
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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Whole 30: Round 2

that's right folks. im doing another whole 30. round 2.

you probably think im crazy. no worries, i think im crazy too.

after the last whole 30, i felt great, dropped 10 pounds, wasnt bloated, all was good in the hood. but then i started to stray from the diet and has led me to only eat paleo a few times a week and have gained all the weight back and just feeling yucky.

so ive decided to kinda "reset" again and try this again. but this time ill try my damnest to stick to it after. cuz i know how i felt when during and how i crashed n burned felt after with all the junk in me. i would much rather feel awesome. wouldnt you?

i plan to show you lots of what im eating and update you everyday of how things are going. ill show you how easy it can be :)

im starting tomorrow. itll be easiest this way so i can do all my food prep today. but it works out perfectly cuz 30 days will end the day before my birthday. so thatll be awesome. i can celebrate my birthday a little bit! and what an awesome present to myself right?

so here is my meal plan for this week:

eggs, chorizo, banana

turkey and bacon lettuce wraps with a deviled egg and cucumbers

porkchops, broccoli, and pineapple
grilled chicken, salad, and cucumbers
meatballs, broccoli, and green beans
stuffed peppers
burgers, salad, carrots

 heres a little of how i prepped for it:

i promised the hubby i wouldnt complain everyday this time. i hope i hold my promise!

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Friday, October 18, 2013

Five for Friday

1. im sorry ive been MIA. its been a really lazy 2 weeks. i havent even worked out (besides the color run) ill get back to it next week.

2. ive decided to do another whole 30. ill be posting about it this weekend.

3. i want these paleo cookies! and they have pasta noodles!! this could be a game changer yall.

4. tomorrow is the big breast cancer walk here in town. its suppose to rain though. i hope it holds off. these walks are much more meaningful to us now.

5. have a happy friday and a good weekend!!

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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Color Phor A Cure 5k Recap

today i participated in my second color run. and i came out even more colorful than the first.

this 5k was to raise money for pulmonary hypertension. a family in a local town was putting on a color run 5k to raise money in honor of their 3 year old son who has PH, you can read a little about their story here. my friend Heather asked me to do this 5k with her. she had PH has a secondary condition to a heart defect. so i agreed, cuz well i love color runs :)

everyone, meet Heather!

we got there about and hour early to get good parking and be there for any prerun activities. there wasnt really and activities, just lots of talking. then we lined up to make sure we were in the first wave of people. ya gotta get the good spot! while waiting in line, the colors started flying. we got colorful before we even left the start.

i started out pretty well, but before i knew it, i had to talk. i guess training woulda helped me in this run. anywho. my dear friend tried to wait for me and get me to run, but i eventually told her to go on cuz i just wasnt gonna make it running the whole thing.

some pics from during the run:

once i finally made it to the finish, i met up with heather. we took our "after pictures"

then we walked over to do the "color party" at the end. even more color! mostly purple, cuz mine feLl right back on me.


afterward, we grabbed cookies and hamburgers and watched the other color parties. then headed out. first stop back in town was yogurt mountain to use our coupons.

all i can say is... im hooked on color runs!!
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Friday, October 11, 2013

Four for Friday

1. i havent walked at all this week. my body is rebelling. maybe a restful week will help me recoup.

2. but ill have to rest after my color run this weekend. its a local one and a friend is doing it with me.. well in spirit, she runs alot faster than me.
(follow me on instagram lacesandladles)

3. its been so cool this week. im loving the weather. hellllooo falll!

4. i clearly have nothing to say today. have a happy friday and weekend!
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Wednesday, October 9, 2013


well i decided to change this wednesday up. i didnt take any pics of my food. sooo ill just show you what i want. what i want wednesday. here we go:

these boots from payless. boots never ever use to fit my big calves. but last year i found some at payless that fit so i immediately bought them. now i found these this year and have asked every person i know to buy them for me. no luck yet.

these running pants from lululemon. but even more, id like to them to have a size i could even fit in!! so first i must shrink in size so i can stuff myself into these. dreams come true right?

this spice organizer. my spice cabinet is getting a bit out of control.

these selecttech weights.i really wanna start lifting heavier, but dont want to have to buy separate dumbbells for all the weights i want. this seems so much easier.

this luck rainbow chex mix. i love chex mix... and i LOVE lucky charms. mmm.. i should make this really soon!

and as always. a pumpkin spice latte.

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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Train Insane

happy sunday! i hope youve had a good weekend so far. here is a look at my training this week.


monday: rest day (more like lazy)

tuesday: jillian michaels body revolution workout 1 and walk/run 1 mile

wednesday: walk/run 1 mi

thursday: jillian michaels body revolution workout 1 and walk/run 1 mile

friday: walked around new orleans for anout 3 hours.. lots of miles i assume

saturday: 3 mile walk for the Making Strides Breast Cancer Walk

sunday: walked 1 mile

all these miles are part of my 31 Miles in October. you can follow my daily miles on Facebook.

i wish i would have gotten more strength in. maybe next week.

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Friday, October 4, 2013

Five for Friday New Orleans Edition

1. Im in New Orleans today and posting from my phone so bare with me. Im not tracking my miles today, but weve walked about 4 hours around new orleans since we got here last night. Sooo id say i got my day 4 mile in.

2. Beignets are acceptable for breakfast in N.O.

3. Me and jamie went to the place in new orleans from the show bar rescue. That drink was good!

4. We are about to head to convington, la for the abita brewery tour. The husband is quite excited.

5. I have to be up early for the Making Strides breast cancer walk tomorrow. Lots of walking this weekend.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013


well its wednesday again! but its also my friday, im taking the rest of the week off. woot woot! anywho, im still working on cleaning up my eating. and i think i did pretty well this time. thanks jenn for hosting!

breakfast. similar to last week. but this time i got green apples.

everyone at work was hungry earlier for some reason. so we all ate before 11:30. i had brought i left over subway sammich from the night before. 

i was still hungry after lunch, so i ran to the store to grab a luna bar. on my weight lifting days i get extra hungry. luna bars donate to the breast cancer research. which i love :)

 for dinner i made stuffed peppers and a side salad. the hubby wanted the poblano peppers cuz he had some at a restaurant last week and they were good. these were a bit spicy for me. ill stick to my regular bell peppers thank you. 

i managed to not eat any sweets this time! unless you call the luna bar sweet, which.. i do not :)

happy wednesday!
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