About Me

Welcome! My name is Alisha and im the writer of this fun little blog. Me and my husband Jamie got married in October '12 and live in Lake Charles, Louisiana. I work full time, but try to squeeze in time for fitness, cooking, fun, and some DIY. We bought a house shortly before we got married, and that is a work in progress!

Im currently trying to lose a few pounds, get in shape, and become a really good runner.

My mom and dad taught me how to cook, and i cook atleast 5 nights a week. i can come up with some pretty random dishes i hope to share.

I am a very crafty person. I love to paint, draw, and do crafts. im a big DIYer and hope to share projects with you as i finish them.


Ive always been overweight since i was little. Ive tried every diet to try and lose weight, only not to lose any or gain it back. but im on a journey to become a healthier eater. im cutting out as much processed foods as i can, and trying to eat my veggies. ive tried my hand at 2 whole30s with success that has changed my eating habits greatly. i feel like im finally on a path of reaching the goals i want to achieve.

ive also recently fallen in love with lifting. it makes me feel like a super woman and will give me the toned body i really want. running has become better for me as well. though ive still never been able to run a full 5k im not giving up and hope to succeed that by the end of 2014.

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