Sunday, June 30, 2013

Goal Check-up

well.. tomorrow makes halfway thru the year, so its time to check up on how im doing on my resolutions.


  • Plan a date night once a month - well.. this hasnt really happened. but every 2 weeks we go out to eat. does that count?
  • Try/ do more things that i fear - um. well. i can name one thing... quick.. find me a swimming pool! (yes.. i dont know how to swim, i swear the water will eat me alive)

Food/ Fitness
  • Cook one new recipe a week - well, i usually do cook a new recipe most weeks, but i just never post about it.
  • Lose 20 lbs - ive bounced back in fourth on the same 5 lbs.. its time to do something it. you should check back on the blog tomorrow.. ill share my plans.
  • Run a 5k - i did! but not the whole thing :( but im going to sign up for another at the end of this year.
  • Run 2-3 times a week - this has happened most months, but not for the last month since ive been sick.

  • Post more - um. id agree :)
  • Post more recipes - um. id agree :)
  • Finish setting up the blog - well. yes and no. im always looking for ways to improve it, but its looking pretty good right now
  • Make my blog more public to my friends - i have! i even made a facebook fan page! go like it!
well. overall i looks like im doing pretty good! hopefully i can keep it up :)

happy sunday!
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Saturday, June 29, 2013

stitch fix 3

well.. its been a few months, but i decided to get another stitch fix (this is my referral link, i get spending money when you get your first fix :) ) shipped to me since i hated everything in my closet again. i havent really found anything in stores really that i liked lately (very shocking for me). especially shoes. i mean come on.. cant there just be one sandle that i like out there that doesnt cost $50. ill pay alot for my clothes, but not for my shoes. unless they are running shoes. plus im the bargain queen. it usually has to be on sale or i have a coupon for me to buy anything.

now.. stitch fix is by no means a bargain, its the opposite actually. ive never paid this much for clothes. but they are really good nice clothes, so having a few pieces every now and then wont hurt my little heart. plus.. YOLO.

its really like christmas when you open these boxes. you never know what will be in them. its nothing that you specifically ordered. its really fun. and well.. if ya dont like them.. you can send them back and now pay for them. however you do pay a $20 styling fee and can use it toward a piece, so i always buy atleast once piece.

enough of my blabbing.. im sure you just wanna see.

im a huge fan of shirts like these. and its a print (since i always buy solids) it does have horizontal stripes..and i can hear my grandmother yellin at me, but its really cute. i bought this one.

this is something i would never buy. i mean.. itll show a bit of my stomach for gosh sakes. but the whole point of me doing this stitch fix is to go out of my comfort zone and try more things. plus. its a print :) i bought this one too.

its cute. but its long sleeve. and its louisiana. sooo. no.


i love this dress! its so comfortable and you barely feel like you are wearing anything. its a cute summer anytime dress. work, dinner with friends, date night. loves it. i bought it too. :)

you dont always get 5 pieces of clothing. sometimes you get jewelry. im not a huge jewelry person so i always pass on the jewelry usually. but i got earrings this time.

 eh. i didnt buy em.

overall i loved this one. just enough pieces i wanted to make me not go over my monthly budget ;)
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Friday, June 28, 2013

Five for Friday

1. Happy friday friends! when its summer time i live for the weekends! this weekend ill be working out in the backyard soaking up some vitamin d and going visit my brother out of town and do some shopping.

2. this week i brought food to my friend who just had a baby. i made them bbq meatballs and mashed potatoes, and picked up green beans and a salad for them.

 and in return i got baby cuddles :)

3. monday is always "ill start my diet today" day. and well since monday is july 1st its a great day to start. and i have big news to tell you about later. like. life changing :)

4. i havent worked out at all again this week. but i have plans to wake up early tomorrow and try to beat the heat for a run. itll be my first real summer run. i may day.

5. um. i have nothing else. have a good weekend and live it up :)

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Monday, June 24, 2013

Easy Italian Sausage Lasagna Roll-Ups

i really love lasagna. who am i kidding, i love all italian food. but it has too many ingredients and steps if ya ask me. i suppose thats what makes it good though. but when i get a craving for it, and havent been to the awesome italian restaurant downtown to get my fix, i have to make do. ive made something similar to this before, but i wanted to jazz it up a bit. so i used my new favorite kinda of pasta sauce, vodka sauce. its so yummy and creamy and bad for you. and i used italian sausage to add some flavoring. it was husband approved, so that means its blog approved :)


Simple Italian Sauage Lasagna Roll-ups
makes 9

1 lb ground italian sausage (my grocery store was out, so i just used the links and squeezed it out the casing)
1 jar vodka spaghetti sauce (or your favorite kind)
9 lasagna noodles
2 cups mozzarella cheese


1. Brown italian sauage in pan. Drain meat and return to pan. While that is cooking, being to boil your water, salted, for noodles. Cook noodles according to directions.

2. Once meat is returned to pan, add half the jar of sauce, and cook on low until heated.

3. Once noodles are done, its time to assemble. I usually put a piece of aluminum foil down as an easy work surface. Remove noodles from water and layout and work surface. (i usually do 3 at a time) put some meat mixture on eat noddle, and top with cheese. Roll up each noddle and place seam side down in a baking dish that has a little bit of sauce in the bottom. Repeat for all 9.

4. Cover roll-ups with remaining sauce and cover with the rest of cheese.

5. Bake at 350 for 20 minutes until the cheese gets all gooey and everything is warm.

6. Scoop out on plate and enjoy!

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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sunday Set-up and Summer

i havent done a sunday set-up in awhile. but im ready to get back in a routine and have everything ready when needed. i prepare food for my breakfast, lunch and sometimes dinner. ive also made a meal plan for the week.

Dinner this week:
monday: baked chicken and cheesey zucchini rice
tuesday:  sloppy joes
wednesday: beef stroganoff
thursday: chicken with tomato cream pasta
friday: baked potatoes with bbq pulled pork
saturday: steaks, corn, and roasted potatoes

Lunch: most of my prep is for my lunches this week. im fixing salads for lunch. they will include: romaine lettuce, chicken, bacon, egg, cheese, cucumber, and green peas. with a yogurt ranch dressing.

Breakfast: eggs, fruit, and a slice of toast.

the random dinner for tonight: chicken fried steak sammiches. complete with white gravy :)


after seeing a few summer "wish list" or "bucket list" in blog land i decided to make my own. im a little late, since the first day of summer was friday, thought it feels like summer started a month ago. but its better late than never right?

do you prep for the week?

what is on your summer wish list?
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Friday, June 21, 2013

Five for Friday

1. its been a few weeks since ive done these, but im back! cuz who doesnt love friday?? and even better, i have more post planned for this weekend. its good to be back blogging :)

2. kim kardashian had her baby saturday (im sure you are all aware). well yesterday the news finally broke with the name. North. North West will be her name. WTF rich people. act like you have sense and name your baby something normal and beautiful.

3. remember i said i was taking baby bumps pics for my friend? well she had him last thursday! he is sooo cute. but he is in the NICU since he is early, but will hopefully be going home in the next few days. i cant wait. im cooking them dinner one night so they can love up on their baby at home. what should i cook them?

4. i havent felt my best for the past month. but after some doctor visits and some meds im starting to finally feel better. since i havent felt my best, i havent worked out either. and it sucks. but im ready to pick up where i left off. except for the running.. ill have to work my way back into that. ill start with walking :)

5. im going to try and use my photographer knowledge i have and attempt to take newborn pictures of my niece. im hoping they come out really cute! if not.. itll be good practice right?

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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Wedding Recap: Reception

if ya havent read my other recaps make sure to read them: Rehearsal, Getting Ready, and Ceremony


after pictures were done, we packed up n left the church. however, we kinda forgot to plan how we were going to get to the reception. and the only people left were my parents who couldnt fit us in the truck cuz the back seat was loaded up, my bro and photographer, and my sister and her husband in their van. so basically we had to stuff in the van and head out. my niece kept me entertained.

once we got to the reception, the wedding party was introduced and then me and jamie were introduced and led into our wedding song. we danced to Your Guardian Angel by Red Jumpsuit Appartaus, it fit us well. it was a sweet song, but had a touch of rock for jamie.

after me and jamies dance, it was time for me and my dads dance. we had a little surprise up our sleeve that only me, jamie, my parents, my brother, and the photographer knew about. when me and my dad were searching for our song to dance to, we found this video, and kinda used it to plan our dance. we started with "i loved her first", then broke out into dance for "the twist", "staying alive", "ymca", and "the chicken dance", then ended back with "i loved her first". it was awesome. i have it do on video, but my dad asked me not to post it. poo :( but we got some good pics of it.

after that it was time for the mother and son day. they danced to "simple man". it was so sweet. jamies soft heart got the best of him again :)

 the rest of the reception was eating, the money dance, cake cutting and shoving in faces, garter and bouquet toss, and lots more dancing!

but after all the fun it was time to head out and start enjoying our honey moon and life as newlyweds.

it was the greatest day of my life, and i cant wait to have many many anniversary's to celebrate!