Monday, March 31, 2014

Train Insane

happy monday!

heres a look at my workouts this past week:


monday: week 5 day 1 of c25k training

tuesday: rest day

wednesday: rest day (it rained)

thursday: rest day

friday: rest day (i got in a wreck that morning, my back wasnt feeling too good)

saturday: rest day (rested my back again..)

sunday: cleaning

well. with crappy weather and a busy week, i didnt get much working out in. honestly, after my run on monday i lost motivation. i knew that post would jinx me. im gonna try and get my runs in this week, but probably not much else since ill be doing lots of cleaning and going through things for the garage sale im doing this week. sooo busy. BUT next week i start the She Sweats 12 Week Challenge again. SUPA excited. ready to look awesome this summer!

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Monday, March 24, 2014

A Year Difference

well. i started week 5 of training today. just 4 weeks of training left.

today, as i was running, i started thinking back to last year. when i was training for this very same race. i was struggling with my training. i was complaining over having to run for 4 mins at a time. and tonight i ran for 5 mins 3 times!! what a change!!

im not sure if its because my eating has changed. or maybe cuz i did some strength training earlier this year. or maybe i just have my head in the game this time around. im not sure what it is, but im loving it, and i hope i carry it through the rest of the training.

im not psyched out like i was last time. i actually pump myself up each run, knowing that I WILL finish whatever the training is that day. i have so much more confidence in myself. when i do wanna give up sometimes i repeat to myself "your mind will give up before you body will" cuz its so true. running is such a mental game for me.

but this time. i think im winning :)

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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Train Insane Sunday

happy sunday!

heres a look at my workouts this past week:


monday: rest day

tuesday: week 4 day 1 of c25k training

wednesday: rest day

thursday: week 4 day 2 of c25k training

friday: rest day

saturday: week 4 day 3 of c25k training & cleaning

sunday: more cleaning

i got the spare room (my workout room) set up today so ill be back in business with weights and maybe youll see alot more activity from me. tomorrow im gonna take pictures to see where i am at right now and what all i need to work on.

He and She Eat Clean are doing another challenge for the 12 week she sweats transformation. this time its the 12 week program plus the 4 week shred. and theres a gift card with a big chunk of change for the winner. ive got my eye on the prize. momma needs a new wardrobe! but i wont be starting that til april 6th, since i know weeks 2-4 are just suppose to be strength. so itll just leave one week that i have to do my 5k training during a strength week. hopefully i can carry this one out all the way through. and maybe ill treat myself to a vacation when its over :)

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Friday, March 21, 2014

Friday Quickie

1. it is finally spring! i hope that means no more cold days. weve had a very usual winter for louisiana. im ready for tank tops, shorts, and sandals. im planning on cleaning up the patio this weekend to some spring time nights!

2. i ran last night. and i did just as good as i did on tuesday. its amazing what you can do when you put your mind to it. remember those pink pretty shoes i had just bought? well something in the shoe was poking me so i ran to return them. i now have these.

3. i sadly dont have much to say today. soo i hope you have a good weekend!
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Wednesday, March 19, 2014


happy hump day!!

man this week has been a little rough already. temptation wise. ive spent far too much time on pinterest looking at all the yummy things i could be eating. pasta, cookies, pizza, cheezy things... mmmmm. then yesterday a boss says she needed something sweet, so off to wendys they went for frostys (the other choice was cupcakes from a local bakery). and this morning, someone brought donuts.

like. give me a freaking break.

yes, i know i have my cheats for the week. but do i wanna use it on a donut? and after how good ive been this week so far. no shebert at night. all my breakfast, lunches, and snacks have been on point. i did have potatoes last night, and pasta on monday. so sue me. but if im gonna cheat, it better be something good, right?

but some how ive mustered up the will power not to eat any of these things. whew. having a kick ass run yesterday could be the reason for it though.

i know this is totally off topic, but i had a killer run last night. as in almost died. just kidding :) there was quite a bit of running for long periods of time. and one surprise run at the end that i wasnt prepared for (mainly mentally) but i told myself "you can do this" and went for it. it was mainly thanks to my new playlist i have. "your head will give up before your body does" and i just kept pushing through. and man, im so glad i did :)

hopefully all this means the scale will play nice later this week!

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Monday, March 17, 2014

Train Insane/ Monday Update

hey guys!! sorry i didn't post my "train insane" yesterday. i felt under the weather and had every intention to write it but well.. me and the couch were bonding.

Train Insane

heres a look at my workouts last week:


monday: week 3 day 1 of c25k training

tuesday: rest day

wednesday: week 3 day 2 of c25k training

thursday: rest day (our spare room which is my workout room was being occupied by our new mattress and i couldn't get to my weights.

friday: rest day

saturday: week 3 day 3 of c25k training

sunday: light cleaning, that counts right?

i really wish i would have gotten some strength in this week. but at the same time i dont wanna do too much strength and it stop the scale from going down. i know the scale shouldnt be important. but i wanna see my weight drop some so i know that i losing the weight.

Monday Update

speaking of the scale, i weighed this morning. and im 3 pounds down from last monday. which, i think is kinda mostly water weight. but ill take it.

also, my running last week was great. there was only one day i just felt tired so i had to take tiny walking breaks during the run times. but the other times i was a rockstar. so i hope that carries on to this week, lots of running this week.

my eating hasnt been perfect, but im much more aware of what i put in my mouth. and i only allow myself cheat meals, not cheat days. i kept pretty good with my eats this weekend. only splurging a little on dinners. but im super happy with how my eating is going. i hate restricting myself, so im being easy on my eats, but still eating what i should.

hopefully this will be another good week like last week!

oh and happy st patrick's day!!

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Thursday, March 13, 2014

One Day at a Time

if ya havent noticed, losing weight and being healthy isnt easy. especially when junk food, fast food, and temptations are everywhere. but im slowly learning to deal with it.

too often i set big goals and sign up for challenges, and end up failing. why? well cuz when i get on the scale and see i still have 40 lbs to lose, that get very discouraging. especially when you are losing weight super slow, or not at all.

so from now on, im gonna set short, possible goals. yes, i still have my big goals. like losing the 40 lbs., feeling confident in s swim suit this summer, and loving the way i feel in my skin. but those seem so far away and i get discouraged. so, ill go the better route with shorter goals.

ill set weekly goals, and short term monthly goals. so what are my current goals?
  • lose 10 lbs by color run day. that leaves me 5 weeks, 2 lbs a week. totally do-able.
  • exercise atleast 3 times a week
  • eat clean all week with 2 not so clean snacks
  • only weigh in once a week

totally do-able right?
i cant be skinny over night. if i could, i wouldn't be complaining right? so ill just have to take this day by day, week by week, pound by pound, goal by goal til i reach my big goals.

do you set big goals? or do you have to stick with shorter goals?

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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

WIAW: Getting My Veggies In

happy happy wednesday! we've made it halfway through the week!

im back on the clean train this week, and trying to make sure to get lots of veggies in! im doing a pretty good job so far i think! the only way i've managed to get them in is to already have them prepared or the frozen bags i can just quickly warm up. you should see my freezer, i have tons of frozen veggies. last night while looking for broccoli, i discovered i have 3 bags of broccoli. whoops! time to clean out the freezer!

so here's a look at my day of eats yesterday:

 7:15: 3 scrambled eggs and roasted sweet potatoes

10:00 banana (forgot to snap a pic, but you all know what a banana looks like!)

 12:00: salad in a jar.. (baby spring mix, chicken, cheese, cucumbers, craisins, and honey mustard dressing)

 12:01: salad on a plate

 12:20: dessert :)

 7:30: porkchops, broc with cheese (yes im 5) and peas and carrots

 8:30: i had the last one of these that i made on sunday with some butter and a glass of almond milk

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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Successful Run

you guys! i went running last night. yep, im shocked too!

we have just 5 weeks until the color run in baton rouge, so i decided i needed to get my butt in high gear.

im using the c25kfree app for my training. i ran some of the first and second week in the past 2 months. and i use to run alot, so i took a chance and just jumped into hoping for the best. but when i saw i had to run the 3 minutes i just told myself to try my best. i hadn't run for 3 minutes straight in months. but i completed the whole thing successfully!

this is what yesterdays run looked like:
Brisk five-minute warmup walk, then do two repetitions of the following: jog for 90 secs; walk for 90 secs; jog for 3 mins; walk for 3 mins.

i think what saved me on the runs is i would start a song i really liked right before i had to run the 3 mins and knew i had to run to basically the end of the song. though i need some new running songs for a better playlist. gotta work on that.

the new shoes were actually really good. my right shoe felt a little weird when i ran, so ill try them out a few more times to see if i like them. then running store in town gives you 30 days to try out the shoe and you can bring it back if you end up not liking them.

so all in all, a good running day, good shoes. thank goodness its lighter out later from the time change. i can get back into my running! i hate running in the dark...

any suggestions on new running songs?

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Friday, March 7, 2014

Friday Rambles

happy friday!

1. this past weekend i went and got me some new running shoes. my others were getting a bit worn, and very colorful from all the color runs i had done. the next color run im doing with my sister is the day before easter, so i have some time to train, but i gotta start now.

2. lent has started, so that meals more seafood! but my husband doesnt like seafood! i know, very sad. so wednesday for our first lent dinner we had waffles and fruit. dont judge. and today we will have pizza. half meat and half cheese. dont judge me for that either. ill get more creative next week. do you have any suggestions?

3. the beginning of next month im probably doing a garage sale at my house. that means i have a month to start going through things to get rid of. me and the hubs sometimes watch the hoarding shows and then i always have to go clean something. i definitely dont wanna be a hoarder. so its time to clean up the house and get it organized. i dont think i fully finished after we moved it.

4. you may have noticed, i stopped posting she sweats transformation reviews. well i fell off the wagon and now i gotta get back on. ill incorporate the strength days with my 5k training. and im bringing back "train insane" sundays. though i wont be able to share the strength training with you, im sure you can find something online similar.

5. me and the hubs ordered a new mattress. we are so excited. its a king size bed, which will be amazing. we shove on each other all night in our queen size. and a cat takes up alot of room too. but it hasnt shipped yet (we ordered it through amazon) so until then ill just stare at the frame that comes in today.

have a great weekend!!

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Monday, March 3, 2014

i have a confession...

...i didnt cook once this weekend. unless you count the tortilla i put pepperoni and cheese on and threw in the microwave.

it all started friday night when i decided we would go to a mexican place to eat dinner while we waited on the first mardi gras parade to come through. chips, salsa, quesadillas, margaritas, dessert. the whole dang thing. but i had eating clean for breakfast and lunch in anticipation of this.

i had high hopes of doing better the next day. which started with a larabar and a passion tea from starbucks. then almonds before lunch. but then i go home and looked in the fridge and nothing looked appetizing. so i got a little ceasars hot and ready. then when dinner came i didnt feel like cooking so we got mcalisters (atleast i got a salad...) then sunday morning we woke up early and the hubs said we should go get breakfast, so i agreed. we went to ihop. then for lunch i ate those tortillas i mentioned earlier. and supper ended up being wing stop. whew...

not good people!

i didnt do my shopping on sunday like usual, cuz i knew id be off tomorrow (for mardi gras) so that means tonight i have to plan. ive decided in my plan to include some back up meals, for when i just dont feel like cooking. something i can pull from the freezer. or just something super simple i can just throw together.

to hold myself more accountable you will see me posting more of my meals, my daily eats. im not gonna beat myself up over a crappy weekend. just gonna try and stick to the plan a little better. this is all a journey. and i wont stop til i get to my destination.

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