Tuesday, January 31, 2012

a rainy run

today i set out to do my last run of week 1. it was the same workout as last week. i really had no trouble with this run. oh yea.. except one thing..
it rained in the middle of my run. the boardwalk is a little less than a mile long. it started raining on me before i even made it to the end. it was only sprinkling so i kept truckin along. shortly after i made the turn around it started to rain even harder. i was soaked from head to toe and rain was just dripping down my face. no fun! by the time i made it back to my car (back at the start of the boardwalk) the rain was done so i finished off the workout.
even with the rain i think i did fairly well! ready for week 2!

Wedding News
in other news, we booked the church today! its gonna be long process through the church, but itll all be worth it in the end. i think the classes and marriage retreat we have to go to will help us in the long run. now that the church is booked and the date is set, i can start booking and planning things. i have plenty of little DIY ideas to do, and of course i will share them with yall!

Have you ever run in the rain?

Saturday, January 28, 2012

saturday morning


this morning i was up bright and early.. about 6:30. i spent about an hour goofing off online (checking facebook and reading blogs), then i finally decided it was bright enough, and warm enough, to go for my run. i got ready and headed out. i should probably note that i dont fuel before i run. thats probably why i dont run very well, but i cramp easily, so i either eat a banana or half a granola bar about 30 mins before going. but other than that, its an empty stomach.

it was quite chilly at the boardwalk today.. i almost got back in the car and went looking for a track, but since the boardwalk is empty that early in the morning, i decided to stick with it knowing i would warm up. i did W1D2. this workout had 2 extra runs and walks from the one i did on thursday.


much to my surprise when i finished my run i had a text from my fiance that he was up. he works opposite hours from me and goes to work at 2 pm, so he sleeps all morning til about 1. after my run i wanted a good breakfast and to actually get to eat with my finace. in attempt to clean out the pantry and fridge before going buy more groceries, pancakes and sausage were on the menu.

i havent cooked a good breakfast in a long time.

Now im off to spend time with the fiance before he goes to work, then it shopping time for me. hope ya have a great weekend!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

My plan of action

Ive been thinking about how i wanted my exercising to be. I wanted to try and do my elliptical, running, pilates, and ST. but as i tried to come up with a plan i found out that i became very overwhelmed and decided to start small. for the first 2-3 weeks i will alternate days of running and pilates.

mon, wed, fri = pilates
tues, thurs, sat = running
sunday = rest

i will see how this all works out for me and hope for improvements in the weight loss department. the next thing i will add in is ST, cuz muscle burns fat. i will incorporate that maybe once or twice a week.

the new app i downloaded for my ipod is called 5k runner. its an 8 week program, which is perfect, cuz i have 8 weeks before its wedding dress time (eek!)

today i did workout 1/day 1 (W1D1), its pretty easy compared to the running ive been trying to do. i always try to bypass the first few weeks cuz i think "oh thats to easy" but i figure itll help me in long run. (ha!)

 1 workout down.. 23 to go..

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Dessert Party

yesterday afternoon i went to my friends "scar" party. a year ago she had heart surgery because one side of her heart was bigger than the other. She decided to have a dessert party. there was sweets galore.. cupcakes, cake, cookies, king cake, cheese cake, chocolate pie. and i welcomed them to cookie dough dip. yall are welcome!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

My running journey

when i was in elementary school, i was a good runner. any time after that was just wasnt. once i made it into middle school i didnt care and began to gain weight. I didnt really start running again til about 6 months after the break off of an engagement with my ex in 07. i was single and ready to mingle. i was also trying to lose weight. I began watching what i ate, and jogged/walked for about 20 mins 5 days a week. the weight slowly started to come off, and i fell in love with running.

i was living at home at that time so i just ran around my parents neighborhood.  soon me and my sister moved in together in an apartment in town. Then the track became an almost everyday thing. i wasnt really losing any weight at this time, cuz im a fat kid and i love food, but i just loved to run. from abut that time (07-08) to when me and my new fiance moved in together ('10) my running has come n gone. ive started many 5k training programs and stopped halfway thru.

even though i love to run, running it hard for me. its a mental challenge to get myself to run even just 1 mile. i convince myself that i have to stop cuz i cant do it, or my legs hurt, or i can breathe. which is all a lie because i have ran a mile. and during that mile i kept telling myself  "just a little bit further", but to make myself run a mile again has been challenge. i havent done it since.

 (this was slow jogging and walking)

so to spare myself all the sadness and anger, i will once again start a 5k training program. mainly to fulfill my goal of running a 5k this year, but also to prove to myself that i wont die, or its not to hard. i will try to run 3-4 times a week with the program. i just have to tell myself that i can do it.

i though for sure today i could run a mile.. yet i failed again! to run a whole mile i have to jog at a pace under a 13 min mile. i know.. im super fast! but i guess i was feeling good and ran a 11:30 min mile pace for about 4 mins. no good! needless to say i tired out and didnt jog the whole mile. i did make it in about the same time ive been averaging.. but with walk breaks, cuz ya know, i was dying.. i walked for 2 more miles after that. with about 52 mins total of the 3 miles.

do you have difficulty running?

Saturday, January 14, 2012

So we meet again..

This morning i set out for a run. I haven't ran in weeks. Its been cold and Ive been sick. I was a bit worried how it would go since i hadn't ran in awhile, but i think i did fairly well. I am still attempting to run a whole mile without stopping again. Sadly Ive only done this once :( But I know it takes practice, so I'm giving it all i got! I didn't do too bad though, only a few 20-30 second walk breaks. I finished a mile in 13:36, and walked/ran .25 miles, making my total time 17:12.

Since daylight is sticking around more at night, my plan is to get back into running after work again. Ill be making a workout plan that I think will work best for me. Ill be sharing that later this weekend.

In other news.. I'm old. Wanna know how I know? i got excited over food containers. *sigh* Ive been hoping I could find some containers to prepare my salad for lunches for the week. Cuz if you are prepared, you wont have to think about it. So i went to walmart to buy some new bigger containers to hold soups and gumbo. And i stumbled upon these.
The answer to my prayers!! :D I plan to make my salad for the week, container it, and all i have to do is grab  lunch. Now I wont have time to think about a hamburger..

Later days! Hope ya have a good Saturday!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Big News!

Well the new year has begun and new adventures are upon us. My new adventure for the year? I am getting married! That’s right, my bf of almost 3 years proposed to me at midnight on new years eve! It was soo special! I already have so many ideas in my head! The wedding wont be til the fall, but im sure ill be rushed to the last minute.
So now I have another new goal for the year. Besides have the perfect wedding, I need to lose enough weight in the next 2 months to feel good about myself so I can fit in a wedding dress of my dreams and feel confident. For the next 2 months I will exercise most every day and try to eat clean and healthy. Ill be posting my weekly workout routines and goals.

This is gonna be a great year!

Do you have any goals you want to reach this year?