Monday, July 16, 2012


why do i keep forgetting about my precious blog?? well i know its here.. but its the last thing on my mind. planning a wedding and buying a house (!) has been my top priorities. i want to blog about both.. AND update you on my lack of weightloss and workout.. and so many recipes.. but i close on my house friday. im gonna be a homeowner!! lots of packing.. and ideas in my head. my house is gonna be glorious :) 

at the beginning of the month i started 5k training again. i went for 2 solid weeks! i was feeling very motivated and was making progress. i was the queen of the track. but then last friday... i got a bad cold.. that i still somewhat have.. i can finally breathe again! sooo... i hope to get back on the track.. if itll stop raining..

yes the rain.. its been raining for a solid week.. kinda puts a damper on plans.. and running. le sigh. i did however sign up for tina's bootcamp. im exicted!! maybe itll give me the push i need. cuz i do have a wedding in 3 months..  is it really 3 months.. eek! ive been busy getting everyone booked and creating decorations.. so much to share.. so little time..

i guess ill share a few pics of what ive been up to lately...