Sunday, September 29, 2013

Train Insane

happy sunday! i hope youve had a good weekend so far.

this is gonna be my new regular posting on sunday to show you my workouts ive done the past week.

though this picture doesnt show much right now, i hope to make lots of changes over the next couple of months.


monday: walk/run 2.16 mi

tuesday: jillian michaels body revolution workout 1

wednesday: walk/run 2.17 mi

thursday: jillian michaels body revolution workout 1 (and i mowed and weedeated the yard if that counts too)

friday: rest day

saturday: walk/run 2.08 mi , jillian michaels body revolution workout 2

sunday: cleaning house and yard work (that counts right?)

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Friday, September 27, 2013

Five for Friday

1. after realizing that starbucks is gonna make me go broke, i looked up coffee for my tassimo coffee maker i have at home. they have been slow to come out with stuff. but i looked the other day and saw this! it might not taste as good, but itll cost me $1.50 a cup instead of $4.09. i love a good savings.

2. tonight is girls night. im making mexican cornbread and pumpkin cookies. should be tasty. ill try and post the recipe if i have time.

3. ive been doing alot of workouts this week. i think on sundays now im gonna post a "train insane" post of all my workouts so yall can see what im doing.

4.the husband went running with me on wednesday. its the first time we acutally stuck together. and i must say i loved it :)

5. its the last friday of the month! gah! i cant believe its almost october! well happy friday yall!
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Wednesday, September 25, 2013


well, its that time again. and this time i tried harder for you. and im not sick anymore, so its real food! thanks jenn for hosting!

me and jamie are back on track now with our working out and eating right. so my meals this week have been a bit healthier. sometimes.

 my normal breakfast this week has been eggs, bacon, and cantaloupe. cantaloupe is my favorite fruit!

for lunch i had chicken, egg, cucumber, avacado, and baby greens salad. with a little bit of ranch.

i may have had an after lunch snack. they aint no reeses, but it fixed my sweet tooth.

when i got home from work, my sweet tooth was still kicking. so i had one of my cinnamon streusel muffins i made sunday. obviously they didnt turn out well. and it was a box mix. im not a very good baker apparently.

dinner was back to the greens. we had marinated chicken, salad, and broccoli with cheese on top.

i probably need to kill this sweet tooth i have. im trying to keep it at bay. salads make up for it thought right?

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Monday, September 23, 2013

Ditching processed foods

after writing this post i realized im just rambling alot. i hope it makes some kind of sense to you.

at the beginning of my journey to get healthy last year, i decided to try and cut out processed foods as much as possible. i no longer bought boxed meals, frozen meals, or any "easy" dinner. i started making homemade mashed potatoes, sloppy joes, french fries, and sometimes my own cheese sauce for mac and cheese. i didnt cut out ALL processed foods. i just cut out what i thought would be healthier.

i had always kicked around the idea of the paleo diet. but there are NO processed foods in the paleo. and i think that scared me away for a long time. i always thought "there is no way i could do this" until i talked to my boss at work, who does the paleo diet, and told me "do what you can, it wont be perfect". ive learned paleo doesnt have to be 24/7/365. plus we are humans, ill have doritos if i want.

but i still totally wasnt on board. i should first say, im a sides girl. i always grew up with sides with my dinner. the husband clearly did not and always picks on me when i freak out that i dont have a side. but instead of having mac n cheese or rice as a side, i started to add in fruits and veggies. like any diet should have right? this has been a habit around here for the past year or so. its almost a treat when i make anything that has rice in it.

then when i decided to do the whole30 is when i really had to cut out processed foods. there are a few processed foods you can eat, but just a handful. and i dont mean like a granola bar. i mean like processed tomato sauce, with no sugar added of course. this forced me to read labels, and i couldnt believe how many unrecognizable ingredients are processed foods. there are alot of words thrown around for sugar. and some of the ingredients i havent the slightest clue what they are. you should probably know the ingredients in your food right?

you may think you wont notice a difference in the way you feel. i didnt think i would, i was just cutting it out for health reasons. ive never really felt bad or had health problems. but trust me, you can tell a difference. you dont feel sluggish. once i realized this my mind was completely changed. you will rarely find me buying processed foods anymore, and i read ALL my labels. i buy organic, grass fed, no hormones added, nitrate free stuff anytime i can.

everyday now i think about everything im putting in my body and if it will helping me or not. your body needs nutrients to function and heal. give it what it wants. ditch the processed stuff and eat real food!
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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Fall is here!

 today is the first day of fall! its my favorite season! probably because its me and jamies birthday season, and now our wedding anniversary season. plus i love the cooler weather and anything pumpkin!

it kicks off the holiday season. soon itll be halloween, then thanksgiving. i love thanksgiving cuz its usually when i family starts getting together for the holidays. theres nothing better than family time. and before we know it itll be winter and christmas will be here!

but im not rushing winter to get here. im savoring the cooler air that the last couple days of rain have brought in. ill be pulling out my leggings and boots before i know it! fall also means my hair goes darker. i dyed it friday cuz it was pouring outside and i had nothing better to do.

anywho, as i was searching pinterest the other day, i found this cute fall bucket list!

how fun does this sound?! ive already taken care of the "drink fancy coffee drinks" one. and ive decorated my porch. have you seen my door decoration? ill have to round up friends and family to do some of the others. this shall make for a fun fall! bucket list are fun cuz it makes you enjoy your time more. im ready to tackle this list! who's with me?

happy fall!!

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Wednesday, September 18, 2013


i finally remembered to take pictures of what i ate yesterday. though, nothing exciting since i was sick. just anything simple to fix or grab. sorry for all the phone pictures, ill do better next week! thanks jenn for hosting!

 breakfast. sometimes you just need some lucky charms.

snack. some pumpkin spice m&ms.

lunch. a bowl of soup and crackers. sick people food.

snack 2. i treated myself to a pumpkin spice latte. love these!

dinner. the awesome hubby cooked us some steaks. all i had to do was throw the potatoes in the oven.

lots of comfort foods. i need to get better ASAP!

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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Down with the sickness

well, it was only a matter of time. 2 people at my work have been sick recently, and it has been passed on to me. thursday night i got a sore throat, and by sunday i had a full blown head cold. ugh. i feel somewhat better today than yesterday, but still "im just gonna lay on the couch, mkay?" kind of feeling. im taking meds and popping vitamin C. hopefully this wont keep me down too long, i have some 5k races to train for!!

what are your remedy's you use for colds?
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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Door (or Wall) Fall Decoration for under $10!!

lets face it. fall is here. even if its still reaching for 90 degrees here in louisiana. ive been sucking down pumpkin spice lattes like they will only be here for another week, my fall decorations were put out on labor day, and ive already worn leggins (in my air conditioned house). and hobby lobby has been ready for fall (and christmas) since june.

i temporarily put up a little fall welcome sign on the front of my door until i figured out what i wanted to put on the front. i have wreaths for other holidays, except for fall. so looking through pinterest i came up with an idea, and its cheap. hey, im on a budget!

what youll need:
(i used no coupons for this, but michaels and hobby lobby offer coupons and sales and can make this a cheap project)

32" natural broom - $2.99
(i got mine at michaels, im sure hobby lobby has something similar)

4 colors of felt  - 29 cents a piece
(michaels sells 9x12 pieces and you can get 2 flowers per color)

roll of burlap - $2.99-$4.99
(i had left over, but i saw hobby lobby has chevron burlap rolls, so cute)

hot glue gun

some type of string

to hang it, i have a clear adjustable wreath hanger from hobby lobby. i love it. but any hanger or nail will work.


make 2 6"x6" squares from each pieces of felt. start cutting a circle and then keep cutting it into a spiral leaving a decent sized circle in the middle to glue the flower together with.

begin to roll the felt starting at the outer end and rolling ot the middle. roll until only the middle circle is left (for the bottom)

add some hot glue to the bottom of the flower and press the bottom circle to the rest of the felt. i push the middle of the flower in to make sure everything is glued down.

complete this for all the flowers. i made 8, 2 of each color. now its time to put the flowers on the broom. i layed them out how i liked, then hot glued them to the broom.

then take your burlap and cut a decent sized piece. i didnt measure, but i didnt want a huge bow. cut to the desired length for the size bow youd like. hot glue to broom.

theres no hook on the broom, so i just tied some hemp string (i had some left over from another project) below the bow, so it would be hidden, and put some hot glue over it to make sure it was secure.


and its done! hang it up and step back to admire :)

i love fall!

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Friday, September 13, 2013

Five for Friday

1. its friday the 13th. im kinda superstitious. i really wish i could stay in bed and sleep the day away.

2. i went running this week! felt good. i thought id start back with my 5k training just to build up my running again. well i thought i was running week 1 day 1, but it was actually week 3 day 1. but i finished it like a super star. and then ran some more around the neighborhood to go find my husband that was walking. love working out with him :)

3. last weekend i decided i wanted a hair cut. im a spur of the moment hair cut kinda of person. but ive also been trying to grow my hair back out since i cut 10 inches! off after the wedding last year. but. ya gotta live a little sometimes right?

4. this week me n jamie have been trying to stick to our diet plan. dinners have been full of veggies. im slowly easing us back into the paleo diet. but next week. its on like donkey kong.

5. my made a big roast on wednesday. its so yummy. ill have recipes up next week of what i made with it. be on the look out for it.

happy friday!! and hope ya have a good weekend!
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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

what i wish i was eating wednesday

for awhile now ive been meaning to link up with Jenn's  What I Ate Wednesday (WIAW) but i keep forgetting to take pictures. so instead ill just show you what i wish i was eating!

These soft batch peanut butter double fudge brownie cookies

the mexican rice bowls i made last week. holy yum.

 a pumpkin spice latte from starbucks. im obsessed.

this cake.
clearly i love peanut butter

these quesadillas
i love quesadillas

these cookies from a local bakery. they made them especially for hump day. so freaking cute!

now im hungry.. im going find food! happy hump day!!

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Friday, September 6, 2013

Five for Friday

1. did you know that pumpkin spice lattes are back at starbucks now? ive already had a pumpkin spice frapp and a pumpkin spice latte. im really craving another one this morning...

2. i got this book last night. and my paleo fire has been refueled. ready to get this going!

3. im hoping the weather cooperates with me so i can start running again. it has been raining all week. :(

4. dont forget! i still need 50 likes on my facebook page before i can do my giveaway! 

5. have an awesome friday!!

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