Sunday, November 3, 2013

how i tried to preserve my color run shirt

keyword here is "tried"... i wasnt totally successful.

on many websites it says to spray the shirt with vinegar and iron it... check and check. i even threw it in the dryer for good measure. but i noticed something. one website said to spray it with vinegar and iron it. then said "if you wash it, the color will come off" and another said "then wash it, and the color will stay".  well i suppose both of these statements are true.

where i had lots of powder on my shirt, the color successfully stayed. other spots.. not so much.

here's what i started with:

pretty right? this was after i sprayed it with vinegar, ironed it, and threw it in the dryer.

i did a little research for what to wash it with. cuz the laundry detergent i have is stain fighting. not what i was going for. so i found online to use baby shampoo for delicates. works for me. so i filled up a bowl with cold water and added some shampoo. and swished the shirt around. i saw the water turn colors, but i crossed my fingers. i let it sit about 10-15 mins.

i then rinsed it, and dryed it in the dryer. and heres is what i ended up with:

i wish the front still had lots more color, but oh well. i think i shouldnt have left it in the water so long. atleast some of the color stayed. im not really sure the real answer to saving all the color. i guess ill have to do more color runs to try and figure it out :)

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  1. :D Next time, try drying it on high int he dryer for a while then making sure you wash it with cold water and a tiny bit of color boosting detergent. :D That might help!