Friday, January 31, 2014

Five for Friday

1. i did my workout yesterday. so now im double sore today. i better do some stretching today to see if that helps any.

2. sunday is super bowl! we are having around parents over and are gonna cook game food. wings are on my list to get. what flavors of wings should i do?

3. i think the new weights i got are roughing up my hands. so i wanna get these. i like to look cute when i work out, dont you?

4. my husband laughs at me now because im always flexing my arms to see if im getting any more muscle. im apparently the only one that sees it.

5. have a good weekend!! hope you have a fun super bowl party to go to!

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Thursday, January 30, 2014

its almost friday

but not quite.

this week has been odd. we had ANOTHER snow day! except it didnt actually snow. just ice. and it seemed worse on friday than on tuesday. and then my work didnt make us come in til noon, so ive had a few lazy days in the middle of this work week.

and by lazy i mean i didnt work out and sat on the couch and ate chips. yep. this is why i cant stay home. or i just shouldnt have gotten supplies for the "snow storm" we were gonna have. oh well. ya live and ya learn.

and by didnt work out i mean i didnt do leg day or chest and back day on the days i was suppose to. so i had to cram them both in last night, and i have legs and shoulders tonight. oops. hopefully it doesnt screw me up too bad. im feeling sore today, so i hope i can do the workout tonight.

ive been better this week with eating. well except for those dang chips. ive been tracking my calories on myfitnesspal(<-- my profile) breakfast has been eggs, bacon, and banana. lunch has been salads. and dinner is hopefully a well rounded meal with veggies. still working on keeping my meals clean. but counting calories is definitely helping me this week. hopefully ill keep up with it.

one more week almost in the bag. :)

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Monday, January 27, 2014

She Sweats 12 Week Transformation: Week 2 Review

well. i have to admit. i missed cardio this week. yes, lifting the weights was fun. but i missed moving. i felt like i needed to go run on my off days. but i have 2 more weeks of just weights to build that muscle before i start shredding.

my eating was horrible last week. guess what. you cant out work a bad diet. truth. my scale shows it. no, i didnt expect it to go down alot.. but i was really hoping it wouldnt go up either. but this week i prepped my meals. im counting my calories. im gonna get this eating thing under control.

i took progress pics on tuesday. the difference in my hips is for sure there. but its a very unflattering picture, so ill spare your eyes. i feel somewhat stronger in my arms. though.. you cant tell with all the fat :/

 in some exercises i could definitely tell my 10lb weight wasnt enough. so i finally went out and bought my adjustable dumbbells. i also ordered my resistance bands that should be here in a week. cant wait to try out all my new stuff :)

2 weeks down, 10 to go, cant wait to see more progress!

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Friday, January 24, 2014

Frosty Friday

1. today is frosty friday, also known as snow day here in louisiana. the boss msged me right after 8 saying to stay home. snow stuff is scary here in louisiana.

icy roof and dead plants

2. i havent really been sore all week from workouts, and it makes me kinda nervous. shouldnt i be sore? maybe im not pushing hard enough...

3. im making a meal plan this weekend (with a printable) to share with you next week. meal planning is hard, but im here to help :)

4. i have nothing else to say. so im going curl up and keep warm. have a happy friday!

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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

WIAW: trying to eat clean

 on sunday, me and the husband went to visit my MIL and her friend. she made me a smoothie, we made roasted broccoli and roasted green beans. everything was going dandy. but then we brought up Wingstop. and my mind went immediately to "i have to have that". Wingstop is a frequent place me and the hubs go to, well until lately when ive been on the diet. so i hadnt had it in awhile, and decided i had to have it that night. so we did. and i so regret it. i gained back the 2.5 lbs i had lost last week. and now the scale wont budge. ughh!

eggs with italian sausage and shredded sweet potato

i really need to get my eating straight. so im going back to basics for awhile. back to the foods i know will help me lose the weight. and im not allowing myself cheats for atealst the next 3 weeks.

pizza spaghetti pie, green peas, cucumber

im even going to start counting calories again. i mean.. its a system that works, so why not do it. but that means ill be eating foods easier for me to track than sayyyy... a big ole burrito with rice and beans (!!)

workout fuel

so thats the plan. still trying to figure this out. but i wanna get it right. cuz this is a lifestyle change, not a diet.

i forgot to take a picture of dinner. it was chicken, pasta, and salad.

happy hump day!

do you struggle with eating clean?

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Monday, January 20, 2014

She Sweats 12 Week Transformation: Week 1 Review

well. its already been a week since i started the She Sweats program, and im kinda loving it.

obviously i cant give out the program (you can by it here. its only $30!) but i can tell you how its going for me. week one is the "start up week" weights and cardio. who knew i loved lifting weights more than doing cardio. i use to only use cardio.

i was sore for about 2 days which each weight lifting day. seriously, i could barely walk for 2 days after leg day, and then decided to climb stairs, which i think worked all the soreness out. but then my calves hurt for 2 days. but no pain, no gain right?

i havent really noticed any changes in this first week. i HAD lost 2.6 lbs. (ill tell you more about that tomorrow) and i feel like my hips have shrunk, but maybe its just wishful thinking. im gonna take some progress pics soon and compare them. hopefully its just not all in my head :)

 now im off to week 2. its weights only. seems like a good week to me :)

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Friday, January 17, 2014

Five for Friday

1. i did a leg workout that left me feeling soooo sore for 2 days. but last night and i ran and climbed stairs in pain. today. no more pain. just my calves are sore. i can sit down again. hallelujah.

2. ive completed the first week of the challange (tomorrow is an off day) and im feeling good. is it crazy i think my hips are a tad bit smaller already?

3. im making this yummy meal this weekend. ill let ya know how it goes.

4. im already looking into the next color run. its the same one that was my first one. yes. im crazy.

5. i apparently dont have much to say today. sorry! have a great weekend!

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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

WIAW: my eating plan

since starting the she sweats transformation challenge, which im on day 4, ive been tossing around what kind of eating plan i need to do. they suggest eating clean, which ive been trying to do for the most part. but im really tossing around of doing another whole 30.

 eggs, bacon, banana

i know i failed when i tried to the do the last one, but i feel alot more motivated now. motivated to start seeing change in my health and body. i know ill see changes if i really watch what i eat, and this will give me limitations.

 a horrible picture of my salad. greens, chicken, croutons, craisins, ranch dressing

im still doing some searching of what i think will be the best fit for me. but right now i really wanna push myself, for atleast 30 days. i wanna see what im made of.

 fuel for the workout

no matter which way i decide to go, im cleaning out the fridge and pantry and stocking it with whole, clean items that will fuel my body through this transformation. if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. and i dont plan to fail.


what kind of eating plan are you on?

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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Stitch Fix #4

i hadnt done a stitch fix (<--- sign up through this link so i get credit :) ) in awhile, but when i got a tempting email, i went for it.

except they are having long wait times since it has become so popular, so i scheduled it for dec. 16, as a christmas present to myself :)

im sure im not the only one that does this, but when they ship it, your items show up when you log in to fill out what you want/ dont want to keep. wellll i go on there and ohh and awww about what each one might be. when i saw skinny jeans on my list, i laughed. lets just say that skinny jeans do not fit or look good on me.

when my package came in, i immediately opened it like always. its christmas after all! i immediately loved about 3 of the pieces. the others i wasnt sure about.

so here is what i kept:

i had been looking for a shirt just like this, so obviously i had to keep it!

im a fan of cardigans, and this one is diff that my usual ones

yes, i kept the skinny jeans! they actually fit me AND looked good on me. i had to have them!

i even wore the shirt and jeans later that week, i couldnt resist!

these are the ones i didnt really like, and turns out, didnt fit me either:

this one i kinda liked, but it was way too shirt and wount close over my boobs. booo

im really not a skirt person...and it wouldnt fit over my big butt

ive been getting quite a few pieces that i like in each fix ive been getting. the more you get, the more they know your style! im ready to schedule my next one!

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Monday, January 13, 2014

The Color Vibe Recap

well on saturday i did yet another color run. thats right. im addicted.

my friends kim and heather did it with me. ( you may remember heather from my last color run) color ran it, but me and kim did a walk/run thing. its so much fun to do it with friends :)

when it was almost time to start we lined up so we could be in the first wave. one of the color vibe people came around with a leaf blower and blowed color all over us to get the party started.

and then we were off! thru all the color stations we went!

shortly after we finished, it was time for the color party at the end! we actually stayed thru quite a few of them and gots lot more color on us. we were dancing our little hearts out.

we had a blast. lets just say we are looking for the next color run to do! :)

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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Dinner and a Decision

im still on my clean eating streak. well atleast for breakfast and dinner. last night i cooked plantains. never had them before. but my MIL got me the Well Fed 2 cookbook for christmas, and its the first recipe ive cooked out of it. i like the bananas so i figured, why not? right?

well the verdict is: they really werent that bad and will probably make into a weekly side. gonna try lots of new fruits n veggies this year to add into my meals to eliminate my beloved potatoes. im doing my best to make sure i keep my eating clean. itll pay off in the long run.

on to the decision....

thats right.

ive decided to go ahead and just do the transformation challenge and postpone any kind of running/training right now. i think itll pay off. id rather be fit and training to run then fat n trying to run.

ill be starting it this weekend. which is like.. the last possible day. oops! still trying to get rid of these sniffles first so i can give it my all! ill be setting up our spare room as my workout room and im thinking about making an inspiration board to hang up to look at everyday.

ive never been this excited about doing a workout program, so i think this is gonna be a good one! as i told my MIL, this is my year. and hers. this is the year we are gonna get fit! and so far, things are looking pretty good :)

happy hump day!
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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

what to do

well. i havent made much progress on the whole exercise/eat right front. but yesterday i tried my best to get into it. eggs and bacon with a banana for breakfast (go figure) and porkchop and veggies for dinner.

i prepped my lunches for this week. salad. which doesnt sound appetizing in 20 degree weather. but, atleast its healthy. 

but ive also got this struggle. do i train for a race now.. or get in shape with He and She Eat Clean: She Sweats 12-week Transformation? i think it would be better to get in shape now so that itll hopefully improve my running. me and running dont always get along. but im still in a toss up. le sigh.

other than that, i have a cold. ugh. this cold weather has got to go. everyone is sick. and in louisiana the weather changes throughout the day. itll be sweaty hot in the morning and freezing cold by night. gotta love this place.

hope your tuesday is treating you well!

so what do i do? get in shape or run my booty off?

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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Years Resolutions 2014

well, its that time again. a new year is here. happy new year!!

ive made alot of health changes in 2013 that i plan to carry into the new year, with a few big plans to go along with them. but my goals arent always about health, i have a few personal goals id like to improve at.

but first here is a look back at this years resolutions/goals:

  • Plan a date night once a month (well... this didnt work out, maybe in 2014)
  • Try/ do more things that i fear (umm, well, i didnt do this very well)
Food/ Fitness
  • Cook one new recipe a week (well not every week, but i did cook alot of new stuff)
  • Lose 20 lbs (nope :( lost 10, then gained 10+ back :( )
  • Run a 5k (ran 2!)
  • Run 2-3 times a week (nope :( )
  • Post more (yep!)
  • Post more recipes (yep!)
  • Finish setting up the blog (i think so, but i add stuff all the time)
  • Make my blog more public to my friends (yep, i have a facebook page now!)
eh... ill call it 50/50.

this years goals arent too much different, but i have a few goals that i really want to achieve.
Food/ Fitness
  • Lose 20 lbs.
  • Run a race that's longer than a 5k.
  • Strength train atleast twice a week.
    • Post more about general stuff, not just food and exercise.
    • Promote my blog more.

    so cheers to a bright new year! :)

    have you set your resolutions/ goals for 2014?
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