Wednesday, October 2, 2013


well its wednesday again! but its also my friday, im taking the rest of the week off. woot woot! anywho, im still working on cleaning up my eating. and i think i did pretty well this time. thanks jenn for hosting!

breakfast. similar to last week. but this time i got green apples.

everyone at work was hungry earlier for some reason. so we all ate before 11:30. i had brought i left over subway sammich from the night before. 

i was still hungry after lunch, so i ran to the store to grab a luna bar. on my weight lifting days i get extra hungry. luna bars donate to the breast cancer research. which i love :)

 for dinner i made stuffed peppers and a side salad. the hubby wanted the poblano peppers cuz he had some at a restaurant last week and they were good. these were a bit spicy for me. ill stick to my regular bell peppers thank you. 

i managed to not eat any sweets this time! unless you call the luna bar sweet, which.. i do not :)

happy wednesday!
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  1. Hey! Since I started working out I notice that I'm crazy hungry breakfast - lunch but then it seems to calm down after. But I always eat my lunch by 11:30. :) Those stuffed peppers look great!

    1. I was never hungry like that when i was doing the Whole 30 and ate the same breakfast, but now that im working out i get hungry before the next meal! I think I need to add in some snacks!

  2. I never knew luna bars donate to breast cancer research. How awesome is that!

  3. With me it's the same. On my weight lifting days I tend to have a evening snack (or meal if you want) Yesterday I had two peaches and a hot chocolate after supper because I was still so hungry. Apparently my muscles want food after working out :-)