Monday, January 20, 2014

She Sweats 12 Week Transformation: Week 1 Review

well. its already been a week since i started the She Sweats program, and im kinda loving it.

obviously i cant give out the program (you can by it here. its only $30!) but i can tell you how its going for me. week one is the "start up week" weights and cardio. who knew i loved lifting weights more than doing cardio. i use to only use cardio.

i was sore for about 2 days which each weight lifting day. seriously, i could barely walk for 2 days after leg day, and then decided to climb stairs, which i think worked all the soreness out. but then my calves hurt for 2 days. but no pain, no gain right?

i havent really noticed any changes in this first week. i HAD lost 2.6 lbs. (ill tell you more about that tomorrow) and i feel like my hips have shrunk, but maybe its just wishful thinking. im gonna take some progress pics soon and compare them. hopefully its just not all in my head :)

 now im off to week 2. its weights only. seems like a good week to me :)

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