Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Whole 30: Final Recap

well. i have finished the whole 30. and while i dont have that "omg i feel amazing!" feeling that some people got, i do feel pretty good. i dont have that "im full of junk" feeling. my skin has kinda cleared up. im not bloated. and ive lost weight. but more on that in a minute.

there a huge factor in what could have varied my results. i didnt follow it perfectly. you may all gasp now. ill wait.

i didnt eat wheat, dairy, beans, or anything horrible. but some things had added sugar in it. like certain salad dressings cuz i was lazy. and i ate far more fruit that i should have to curb some of my cravings. but dont get me wrong, i dont think it effected me that much. i do feel better, lighter and healthier. but theres something even better.

i feel like i can take control over what i eat now and ive learned alot. ive learned of fruits n veggies i never thought i would like, i do. ive eatin more veggies over the past month than i probably have most of my 26 years. i can go the day with just 3 meals and not snacking. i can eat enough protien to fill me up and keep me full. i can eat enough veggies to fill me up, cuz no one ever got fat on veggies. ive learned to read labels and im buying "free range" "cage free" no hormones" meat and eggs. im buying organic fruits and veggies. im trying to eliminate as much stuff from my meals that shouldnt be in it. i can pass up breads and sweets pretty easily. i just have this whole new view of food and what i want to put in my body!

though i had quite a bit of cravings, they arent as strong anymore. i was hoping they would go all away. but it looks like my sugar craving is here to stay. but i wont obey it everyday. maybe only like once or twice a week :)

ill be doing another post about the "after" but i dont plan to stop. i plan to keep up with the paleo lifestyle atleast 80% of the time. and also add in some exercise.

this has really been a good experience and id recommend it to just about anyone. especially if they have any illnesses that could be mostly cleared with this diet. and it feels really good to have inspired some friends in family to atleast try it :)

so here are my number results. i have lost 10 pounds and 4 inches overall.

i know i woulda had better results if i had worked out. but it was more about food for me than working out. i do have plans to start working out though.

i decided to treat myself for doing such a good job and bought myself a new dress. i love it!

if you have any questions feel free to leave a comment or email me (

now if youll excuse me, im going find some ice cream! ;)

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Friday, July 26, 2013

Five for Friday

1. its seems ive been lacking in blogs and didnt do my week 3 recap for my whole 30. but it seems a little late to do it now, since i only have 4 (yes 4!) days left. so ill just bundle it in with my last recap. im excited to share my results :)

2. tonight im hosting a girls night at my house. there should be lots of gossip, laughs, and dirty jokes (kidding!) im doing a "summer/ bbq" theme and cooking hamburgers. but i dont have a bbq bit. i shoulda thought this through...

3. im getting really tired of eating eggs for breakfast everyday. i need to get creative this morning. im ready to have my smoothies again!

4. summer time has flown by and i havent really gotten to do anything i wanted. im gonna try and get out this weekend and enjoy some sun!

5. get excited! its friday!!

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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Whole 30: Week 2 Recap

well, ive made it another week. im proud, but also SO tired of this already.

by this time, my cravings should be going away. but my cravings have been increasing as time goes. i want pasta, and bread, and ice cream. but, ive held strong and made sure i dont eat any of that. most days i look at jamie and say "i wanna quit" and he tells me "no you cant" ugh. i have such a supportive husband. but gosh, i just want some ice cream.

the biggest problem so far: i dont like veggies. ive been trying lots of veggies, and i just dont like them. i think its more of a texture thing. but i do not like brussel sprouts or eggplant. i did find out peppers arent as bad as i thought. but i cant only eat green beans, broccoli, and cucumbers every night. my fall back is usually a salad, but even that gets old. i just feel restricted to what i can eat. im ready for more variety.

they say going into the 3rd week you have so much energy and feel awesome. honestly, i feel the same. i dont feel like super awesome. maybe cuz i never really felt bad to begin with? im not sure. i havent really done any working out, so im not sure if i have more energy. i plan to get back into running this week, so maybe ill see a difference.

but on the plus side, i have noticed a difference in my body. slimming down. and i broke the rules *gasp!* i weighed myself since i was starting to get discouraged. im about 9 lbs down. in 15 days! thats a big crazy. its kinda my only motivation now to keep going.

16 days down.. 14 to go...

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Friday, July 12, 2013

Five for Friday

1. im on day twelve, and i suppose still hanging in there. but i have the weirdest craving. corn! it was my favorite veggie or starch. i say veggie.

2. i got home late last night and so im tired this morning and didnt wanna cook. this was breakfast:
 unsweet pashion tea, larabar, and a banana

3. oh, and just so you know. starbucks passion tea is alot better than what i make at home.

4. i have found a 5k race in each month for the rest of the year. i want to do them all. but ill have to see. i better start running again.

5. im writing this up at work, and i have work to do. so have a good weekend!
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Monday, July 8, 2013

week 2: grocery haul

today starts week 2 and i have a better idea of what i should be eating and what fills me up. but im also getting bored with eating the same meats and veggies all the time (i love fruit, i could never get bored with it) so i decided to add in some new veggies this week, a few different fruits and i finally got me some almonds. after making this weeks meal plan i made the grocery list and off i went. 

at first i was afraid that all these new things would cost me lots of money. people always say eating healthy is expensive, but i only spent a little more than i usually do in a shopping trip. but im also not eating out or picking up treats, so it really comes out to be cheaper.

i shop at the local krogers. we dont have a whole foods, or trader joes, or any fancy healthy stores, so i just make do. heres what i bought:

brussel sprouts, sweet potatoes, carrots, red and yellow peppers, and spaghetti squash. lots of color :)

raspberries, bananas, apples, and avocado

ground pork, steaks, pork chops, lean ground beef, and eggs

passion fruit tea, light tasting olive oil (for homemade mayo) and almonds

my meal plan for this week:
monday: spaghetti w/ spaghetti squash
tuesday: steak, sweet potatoes, and green beans
wednesday: chicken tenders, brussel sprouts,carrots
thursday: hoping for leftovers (wont be home to cook)
friday: stuffed peppers
saturday: grilled chicken, sweet potatoes, and broccoli

im hoping this livens up my meals for this week so i can keep going on this thing without being extremely bored with the food. ill be half way thru after this week :)
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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Whole 30: Week 1 Recap

well. i survived week one and live to tell the tale.

they describe the first week as the "angry" week cuz all the caffeine and sugar most of us consume have been taken from us. your cravings are out of control. you have headaches and withdraws. you are tired and feel like you have little energy. misery.

well im happy to say, i had no headaches, only tired one day. but i had lots of cravings. i wanted ice cream every. single. day. me and sugar have a love hate relationship. i love it. it loves my hips. i hate my hips. ugh.

i dont really have any complaints really. except im not a big vegetable eater. i could eat fruit all day long, but you are suppose to limit the amount of fruit you eat because of the sugar. but im slowly working vegetables in. sweet potatoes, broccoli, green beans, zucchini, cucumbers, spinach, and mixed green were all consumed this week. ill be adding a few more veggies in this week. gotta keep it interesting. i still got 23 days to go!

for most of the week i felt hungry often, but the past few days the hungriness has subsided. does that mean its working?  also, one good benefit.. im am not bloated like usual. ya know how you feel and look bigger at the end of the day? well that goes away, and i feel thinner and stay thinner throughout the day. i wouldnt say i have extra energy. that supposedly comes in week 3. but so far im liking the benefits im getting out of this diet.

and really, the diet isnt that bad. eating meat and veggies should always be how we eat. but the industry packs so much crap into foods to make it super yummy and we just cant help ourselves. now im not saying ill never eat that stuff again. but i will definitely limit how much of that i eat. there is added sugar in so many foods, its crazy! but ill save all that for the last recap.

7 days down, 23 to go!

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Friday, July 5, 2013

Five for Friday

1. while lots of people are off today, my bosses decided we should work. hopefully they will be ready to go home shortly after lunch.

2. you can still have bbq and celebrate the 4th of july while doing whole 30. proof:

 3. my oldest niece loves to splash in her little pool. proof:

4. im on day 5 of the whole 30. i dont LOVE it... but im not hating it either. bring on the next 25 days.

5. i celebrated yesterday wearing red white and blue. proof:
i need a tan.

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Monday, July 1, 2013

Whole 30

for awhile now, ive been reading into the paleo diet. ive read books, ive read sites, one of my boss' does it. ive said many times i was gonna do it. paleo is basically the "cave man" diet. you eat what people wayyy back in the day ate. meats, veggies, fruits, and nuts. the basics. no cheese, no pasta, no bread. (eek!) when i was doing my reading, i kept seeing something about "whole 30" so i looked into that. and now im obsessed with the idea.

whole 30 is basically a strict 30 days of paleo. no cheat days. it detoxes your body of all the toxins and crap we have put in our bodies by eating lots of processed food. it may help if you have any kind of health problems (blood pressure, arthritis, acne, etc.) its basically making you the healthiest you can be by eat natural, whole foods. but you dont have to eat like this forever. you just continue the paleo diet after the 30 days. the program recommends adding dairy, wheat, and legumes (beans) back into the diet in the end as a process of elimination of what could be causing your health issues, but ill get more into that at the end.

there are a few reasons i want to do this.

1. ever since i got sick lately, i just havent felt great. when i was eating decent and working out almost everyday, i felt GREAT! like i couldnt believe how good i felt. but now i feel like crap basically. i dont feel myself anymore, and i wanna get to feeling great again.

2. ive expressed this to jamie before. i wanna be the healthiest i can be when i get pregnant. i dont want to just fill my body with junk food when im pregnant. i wanna make smart choices for me and the baby to be healthy. we dont plan on getting pregnant for another year or so, but why wait til then to try to get healthy?

3. ive been hush hush about this, but my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer in february. its scary. and i wanna make sure my body is as healthy as possible so i dont have risk for certain healthy problems. my dads family has lots of health issues that im trying to avoid. if i really enjoy this plan, i plan on helping my mom adapt this lifestyle if she likes after her treatments (she cant eat certain foods right now, or has to prepare them certain ways).

i mainly wanna do this to get healthy, but i also wanna lose weight. weight loss is a "side effect" of this new lifestyle. so win win? healthy and healthier weight.

i plan on doing weekly updates. but ill be updating my "whole 30" page daily with the foods im eating. i have a few social events to go to this month, but ill just have to do my best with it. life doesnt get put on hold, and if i wanna carry on with this lifestyle, ill have to learn how to deal with these situations. jamie has agreed to do it with me at home to support me. which i love. id really love if he would do it all with me, but ill take what i can get.

im ready for this new journey!

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