Wednesday, April 23, 2014

my plan

happy hump day! i hope everyone is having a good week!

my week has been going good. ive been making lots of plans. hence the title.

on monday i had a doctors appointment, just a check-up on how i was. ive mentioned before i havent been feeling well and working with a doc (id rather not mentioned whats going on at the moment) but he suggested i lose 10-15 pounds and he thinks it will really help me. well thanks alot doc! i wonder how long he has been wanting to say that!

so now instead of he-hawing around with losing weight, i have to get my butt into gear and put forth a good effort into losing weight. im gonna do some major meal planning (yea, me and pinterest are becoming good friends) and im gonna restart the She Sweats 12-Week Transformation. i was suppose to start 2 weeks ago, to be able to enter the competition. but things got busy and i was focusing on my running for the race this past weekend. sooo ive decided to start from the beginning. tonight. when i get home.

ive got to clean out the kitchen and fill it with things we should be eating and easy to grab snacks. and i think im gonna limit us to eating out only once a week. itll help out in the budget department too. thought i can post my exercises, ill post weekly reviews like i did when i started the program in january. ill hopefully be posting lots of food ideas too, what im eating, want id really love to eat (ice cream). it should be a fun ride :)

i hope you stick around for my journey :)

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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Color Run 2014 - Recap

well, i survived another color run. and this time, i actually ran most of it. woot woot! though me and my sister only got about 4 hours of sleep friday night, we rocked that race. and got all colorful! theres nothing to really say that i havent said before about color runs ive done. so ill just let the pictures speak for themselves!

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Thursday, April 17, 2014


my, my. the blog just keeps slipping on by my busy schedule. these past few weeks have been crazy. i had a bad cold. then i had other things going on and getting ready for garage sale. that was this past weekend. and this week ive been rushing around doing things for this weekend. all while trying to fit in my run training for the color run this week. so ready for sunday to get here so i can just chill!

my running this week hasnt been so grand. even though I had a really awesome run on sunday. both tuesday and last night I had really bad runs. like.. not even running a mile. not sure if its the stress, my bad eating this week (I stress eat), or just a bad week. hopefully I do fine in tomorrows race. 

on monday I am full focus on then 'she sweats' workout im doing. ready to see these muscles grow!

hope everyone has a good holiday weekend! 
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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Train Insane and A Running Update

 happy sunday!

heres a look at my workouts this past week:


monday: week 5 day 3 of c25k training

 tuesday: rest day

wednesday: week 6 day 1 of c25k training

thursday: rest day

friday: week 6 day 2 of c25k training

saturday: rest day

sunday: week 7 day 1 of c25k training

my running this week has been super. lots of little milestones this week. the race is this coming weekend. though i wont be able to run the whole thing, ill be able to run most of it and give it my best.

even on my unmotivated days ive been doing awesome runs. im so proud of myself today. i did not wanna run at allll. ive had a busy week and weekend and was worn out, but i made myself go. and i rocked out 2 miles without stopping. yes they were way slower than i hoped.. but i did it. and that just makes me so happy. it amazes me that my body doesnt give up on me. and im winning the mental aspect of running. im so loving running right now :) hope it continues!

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