Thursday, March 15, 2012

Bringing it back

Yesterday was a stressful day at work. We have a friday deadline and so much left to do! So of course I freak out. And would LOVE to eat chocolate or have a drink, but i cant. And I couldnt exercise at work, that would just be silly. So at lunch with my salad, I had a little cup of mac n cheese.. I felt like crap after this... why did i do that? Oh right, Im an emotional eater. But im glad it was only one small cup. I usually eat more food than that when im stressed. But when i got home i knew i needed to burn off some of that energy. But i also wanted to do something i hadnt done in awhile...

That's right folks, i have turbo jam. I got it about 4 years ago and did it religiously.. sadly with no results. Probably cuz of my eating.. Anywho, I loved doing it again. Something about punching and kicking alot really gets anger out of you! I will def. be doing this more and more.. im bringing turbo back ;)

Oh, Tuesday I ran. 2.22 miles in 34 mins. Im proud. Im going back to my "run your butt off" training. Then i came home and did my kettlebell workout. Hurts so good! Im left sore for a few days the few times ive done it. no pain no gain right?

on another note: i tried this yesterday..

My boss does crossfit and is doing the paleo challenge right now, and he eats this about twice a day as his snack. We usually pick on him about it and he always wants me to try it. I told him i needed to put it on something, because i wasnt going to eat it right out the packet like he does. I had apples for a snack yesterday and he said "you must try it now", so i squirted it on my apple pieces. I am a fan! Im a huge fan of peanut butter, so i want sure how i would like it cuz he said its nothing like peanut butter, it was better. Im not gonna say it was better, but it sure was yummy and im going to have to pick me up some.

Hope everyone has a good day!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

How to cure a bad day

Yesterday was not a good day. Work wasnt going so well, I realized how far away we were financially to buying a house, and I still wasnt on track with my diet as I would like. I would usually turn to alcohol or sweets/chocolate. But, I gave that up for lent. Which made my day even worse. But better at the same time. It helped me see I dont need those things to try to help me feel better. I have always been an emotional eater, and this was a great way to see that I dont have to be.

On my training plan yesterday was elliptical for 30 mins and a strength workout. The strength workout seemed to easy, so I added my own exercises in there. Then it was time for the elliptical. Honestly, I hadnt the elliptical in awhile, so I knew it was going to be hard. I did the first 15 mins and wanted to give up. But i REALLY wanted (and needed) those extra 15 mins. So i decided id take a little break. I went in the kitchen, turned on the oven, and prepped the chicken to go in the oven. Then back to it I went. Then after 5 mins, I went and put the chicken in the oven and some water boiling. Then back for another 5 mins. Then, put my noodles in the water and back to it! It was so much easier breaking it up like that. I didnt feel like I was forcing myself to do. I wanted to do it, just i knew i would need short 2 min breaks in between. But im proud I didnt give up. I started to feel much better.

Dinner last night was broccoli and cheese stuffed chicken and mac and cheese. Not the healthiest thing, but it was easy. I think the mac and cheese made me feel better too :) Gotta love the cheese ;)

I then set out to Sam's for grapes, spinach ravioli, and a bag of roman salad, for my salad in a jar.

I took a detour on the way home for a little photoshoot of a church that just got finished being built. It is also the church the architects I work worked on. Its beautiful!

 Well off to work! Hopefully no bad day today!!

How do you get over a bad day?

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Refinding motivation

I havent exercised in a week. And im at the same weight i was wednesday. Not that i thought it would just come falling off, but i thought it would budge a little bit more. I realize now that i really do need to get my butt off the couch and do something.

This week I plan on doing lots of elliptical, and some new videos i got.

 I am going to alternate days of these two and add my elliptical in there. Last time i weighed was Friday, so i dont plan on weighing again til this Friday. I dont want to become one of those obsessive people that weigh in 3 times a day. I will listen to my body and eat and work out as i see fit.

Speaking of food, i sorta pigged out yesterday, whoops! well not really pig out, but not really healthy eating. Though i did make baked zucchini bites!

I cut two small zucchinis in about 1/4" pieces, dipped them in egg, and coated them in a mixture of bread crumbs, parmesan and seasoning. baked for about 15 mins, and they are done. they werent super mushy like the first time i tried zucchini. I dont like mushy. I thought they were really good, even jamie liked them!

Im going to try new things this week! Jamie always says he doesnt want to eat the same thing all the time and wants to try new things. So here is my menu:

Spaghetti squash, with marinara and chicken meatballs
Baked potatoes and chicken bites
Turkey burgers with kale chips

Hopefully we will enjoy these new things too.

I hope everyone has a good rest of the weekend. Im headed to get exercise in, mowing my grandpas yard!