Tuesday, May 6, 2014

A little update

well. i sure havent been here for in quick minute. i so didnt mean to do that. life gets in the way sometimes, what can i say. but i do have updates!

last time i was here, i told you what my plan was. and i can say, im mostly sticking to it!

the first week was slow going. but this past week my butt has in been gear! heres a look at my exercises last week:


monday: walked for 1.3 miles,

tuesday: rest day

wednesday: 1 minute sprints, 90 sec walk breaks, and W2D1 - legs

thursday: rest day

friday: ran 1 mile, W2D3 - chest and back

saturday: rocking body workout video on the xbox

sunday: rest  (i was sooo sore from saturday!)

as for my eating, thats been going pretty well too! i ate pretty much clean last week. even made my own bread. but this week i have started another Whole30. which will soon become a Whole15, cuz i had a vacation pop up, and it just dont think itll be possible to prep enough food to bring for a week. but ill make smart choices while im there! but ill pick it back up once i return from the trip.

i think im more mentally into all of it than i usually am. ive found my mojo!! cant wait to see what the next few weeks bring :)

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