Wednesday, February 26, 2014

WIAW: 90% Paleo

im just gonna say this. the past 2 days haven't been completely whole 30. and im sure you are all giggling since you know i cant successfully do a whole 30 anymore. but i knew going into this i probably wouldnt. my whole goal is just to start eating clean!

but i havent "cheated" super bad, its just not paleo. like yesterday i had a larabar with peanuts in it. if i cant have any dang sweets, atleast let me have my yummy cookie flavored larabars!! and ive had cheese. but i mean, how can i go without cheese??

but im not gonna beat up on myself, im proud. proud that im actually sticking to eating clean even if it isnt paleo. my goal is to be atleast 90% paleo if i can.

so on with the food!

 breakfast: eggs and beef patty covered with salsa, and a banana3

lunch: salsa chicken, left over beef roast, roasted sweet potatoes, cucumbers, boiled egg

snack: larabar (one i can actually eat)

dinner: salsa chicken, romaine lettuce, avacado, cheese, and a tad bit of ranch

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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Meal Plan, Grocery Haul,and Sunday Food Prep

 its been a busy weekend. i planned my meals, went shopping, and have spent the day prepping food for the week. as i mentioned on friday, im gonna attempt to do another whole 30 (didnt i just say i wasnt gonna do one??) but i knew the only way to do it was to be super prepared. so, its what i did.

so i spent a hour so yesterday looking up ideas of what to eat. i knew it had to be interesting or id be bored in a week. its nothing specatular, but this is what i came up with.

breakfast: eggs, beef patty, banana (no surprise there right?)

lunch: salsa chicken, boiled egg, avocado, cucumber, and roasted sweet potato

dinners this week:
  • chicken tacos/ salad for me
  • pork chops, green beans, mushrooms
  • stuffed bell peppers
  • meatloaf and zucchini pasta and sauce
  • steaks, broccoli, and salad

so this morning i was off to do some shopping!

this isnt all i bought, but this is what i can eat!

heres a closer look:

even though i bought other stuff, and used coupons, this only cost me $58. eating clean doesn't have to be super expensive. watch for sales. no, i cant afford all the expensive natural meats, so i just fit in what i can. like the ground beef i bought, but it was also on sale.

i also worked on my food prep today for this week. its the only way to stay on track. but im slow and lazy with it. instead of just gettin it all done at once, i space it out through out the day. thats probably why i never totally get it done! but today i did :)

i boiled eggs, cut up cucumbers, roasted sweet potatoes, made beef patties, and cooked my salsa chicken.

cant wait to get this week going and start feeling/seeing the difference. ill be keeping you up to date on what im eating and whats going on.

do you do any sunday food prep?

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Friday, February 21, 2014

More than Five for Friday

1. the doctors office called me this morning and said my cyst was benign. i can celebrate with ice cream right?

2. im itching to do some home improvements now that the weather is nice. maybe ill clean up the patio. do some painting. put my husband to work :) also itching for a road trip. is 2 hours too long to drive to go to trader joes? i mean.. i can do clothes shopping in the town there so it doesnt seem like i went just for trader joes right??

4. on the radio this morning they were talking about peoples clothes getting too tight and having to get bigger clothes. but one guy says he refuses to buy new clothes so he makes me himself lose the weight so they are comfortable again. thats where im at right now. the only new clothes i want are smaller ones!

5. me and the hubs are starting to work on the design for a new house (yes already), but our house is gonna be like 4,000 sq ft. to fit everything we want. this is a problem. i need to win the lottery or something.

6. mardi gras is almost here and i didnt even know it. thankfully that means no more king cake soon. let the partying begin though!

7. well i guess thats all for today! have a great weekend!

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Thursday, February 20, 2014

im still here

hi guys! i know ive been missing lately. mainly cuz i have nothing to report. its been a slow week. and i havent worked out this week. why you may ask? well this happened.

 no. i didnt have an accident. ive had a cyst (or thats what they say it is) on my chin for years. and i finally decided to get it taken care of when it started to get inflamed a little. well that involved some cutting, snipping, and stitching. the area was numb so i had no pain, until after. but i have keep it bandaged and neosporened til monday when i get stitches out. but any pulling and such makes it hurt :( so ive decided to postpone any working out until i get them out. well except leg day on sunday, that shouldnt be much of a problem.

my eating has not been very well this week. ice cream has been comforting me in my injured time. but next week should be much better. im going to ATTEMPT to do another whole 30 or something very close to one. gotta get back on track! bikini season is almost here!!

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Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine Friday!

1. its friday. but its also valentines day!! happy valentines day!! and to those who dont have a significant other, know you are loved by many :)

2. this year i asked the hubs not to get me chocolate/candy for valentines day. ill wait as you all gasp in shock. yep. things are a changing. gotta kick the old habits.

3.  workouts this week have been better than last week. just taking it one day at a time. trust the processss!

4. me and the hubs are going out with some friends tomorrow to watch some horse races. we havent been in awhile. maybe ill get lucky this time!

5. i FINALLY got to run this week. my soul is happy. many more runs to come. i got a 5k to train for!

have a great friday!!1

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Monday, February 10, 2014

Meal Planning and Prepping

soo. this is usually the day i post my review of the 12 week program im doing. it would be week 4. but it was a bad week and i dont wanna talk about it. so im gonna move right along to food, mkay?

after a bad week last week, and my food being anything but clean, this week i knew i had to do lots of prepping to make sure this week went smoothly. if there is anything ive learned through out my journey is that you can NOT out work a bad diet. so getting my eating right and clean is a big thing for me. its probably one of the reasons i loved doing a whole30. ive mentioned doing one again, but after thinking about it and have decided to put that off for now.

my meal plan this week:

breakfast: breakfast sandwiches

lunches: salad and yogurt


pork meatballs, broccoli, and corn
chicken tenders, green beans and salad
beef, rice side, and peas and carrots
enchiladas and refried beans

yesterday, i got to do some prepping. i cleaned grapes, cut up strawberries, and made the breakfast sandwiches. tonight i prepped my stuff for my salads this week.

typically, i go thru pinterest, blogs, and just things we havent eating in awhile to come up with my meals. for dinners, i try to pair a meat and 2 sides, usually vegetables. salads are just easy for lunches, and breakfast is usually eggs, meat, and fruit. im changing it up this week by adding in the muffin for the sandwich to change it up a bit, ill let ya know how that works for me.

on sunday mornings, when everyone is at church or sleeping, i go grocery shopping. on new things i read labels so its easier not to have a bunch of people waiting on me to move. after getting home and putting up groceries, i get to work prepping for the food. washing and cutting fruits and veggies. boiling eggs and cooking chicken. i really dread it, but im so glad during the week to have it all ready. so just a few hours of prepping can make a big difference during the week.

hopefully my prepping will help me succeed this week!

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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Girls Night

lately me and my girlfriends have been planning girls nights about every other month. its fun to hang out and chit chat about all kinds of stuff. like boys having cooties ;) or babies seem to be the new trend in our group. im supposedly next up, but im not drinking that water ;)

yesterday, i hosted girls night at my house. we decided to do pizza and i set up games for us to play.

i made 2 kinds of dough (here and here) and supplied the sauce. and let everyone else bring the toppings. our toppings included pepperoni, ham, ground meat, peppers, and... pickles. the pregnant one wanted pickles on her pizza :) oh and of course, cheese.

 3 meat

pepperoni and peppers

half ham and beef, half beef and pickles

after we were good and full it was game time. i set up "minute to win it" games for us to play. ever seen the show? i loved it. we broke up into 2 teams and got a point for each game with a tie breaker at the end if needed. *spoiler alert* we played the tie breaker even though we didnt need it.

we played:

there was video of those one, but ill spare you :)

and for the tie breaker: paper dragon

and of course, my team won. woohoo! i kicked some butt in those games. and no i didnt practice before they came over. we had a great time. ill have to plan another one with different games soon. 

i love just getting to hang out with my girls :) time to plan the next girls night!

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Friday, February 7, 2014

Its Friday

1. not too much has happened this week. as in. ive been really lazy. i blame it on my "lady time". so that means i have some catching up to do in my workouts. ugh.

2. i went out and bought a king cake. its like a must for a Louisianian right? right. it had raspberry and cream cheese. holy yum! and i got the baby.. so looks like ill be buying another ;)

3. im hosting girls night at my house tomorrow. we are making homemade pizzas. and playing games. i hope to have a recap of the games for ya next week :)

4. today i signed up for yet another color run. but honestly, i think itll be my last for awhile. yes, they are fun. but the excitement runs out eventually i guess.

5. have a great weekend!

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Monday, February 3, 2014

She Sweats 12 Week Transformation: Week 3 Review

well. ive made it another week. but it didnt come easy.

ive been feeling a lil under the weather again. so my workouts have been slacking. and we had more ice days last week. so my days off were spent on the couch. but i managed to squeeze every workout in this past week. i used even heavier weights this week. super excited about that.

though i love the weight lifting. i still miss cardio. i need to move! i feel myself getting stronger. but to me cardio = weight loss. thats right. i havent lost anything. i think i may have gained a pound. and its so frustrating. but i know after this week cardio will be back in my life and ill feel like im doing something productive.

i didnt take any progress pics this past week, so im not sure if ive made any visual changes. but i plan to take some this week. i do notice my arm muscles a little bigger.

 baby muscle

my eating was so/so last week. and i pigged out for super bowl yesterday. oops! im starting to think doing another whole 30 is a good idea.  just too many sweets around me. mardi gras = king cake for months. its so good though. but if i wanna get anywhere, i gotta cut that crap out.

about this time in a program is where i just give up. had enough. call it quits. but i really want to stick to this one. i see big things happening for me with this one. i actually see progress already when usually i dont. so i gotta stick it out. if i make it through week 4 i think ill be set to finish. also. i love the facebook group page. soo much support! i just need support and motivation to get me through. and cookies! wait. no. water! 

ready for week 4!

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