Thursday, August 9, 2012

Resolutions Update

I'm a month and 9 days late posting this.. but its now or never right? I wanted to go over some of my resolutions to see how I was doing so far. Here we go:
Save money to buy a house for when we move out the apartment - Well i guess that is done.. we have moved in the house.. not totally settled in and still have repairs to make.. 

Try new healthier foods – Im attempting to.. I cook a lot more healthier than I use to, and including lots of veggies in things.
Cook more often (no eating out or cooking processed foods) – Ive gotten a lot better at this. We rarely eat anything processed. I make a lot of things from scratch. SO much tastier that way!
Run 3-4 times a week – I go back and forth on this. some weeks I do. most weeks I don’t. Especially the last month. Ive been sick and busy with the house. But for the last 2 days ive gotten out and ran. Hope this is a start to a good thing! I wanna run a 5k before my wedding. I have 2 months to train!
Run a 5k  - nope.. see previous answer
Strength train at least once a week -  nope.. but im bout to start a weight training program… cant be flabby for the wedding!
Do pilates at least once a week -  nope… but I did it tonight! does that count?
Lose 30 lbs  - currently at 6 pounds down… but I still have 4 months to reach this! Smile
Blog Post more – Obviously im failing at this.. but hopefully for not too much longer!
Post more recipes  - I would.. but I always forget to take pictures!

Ive got a lot of work to do!! Eek!