Tuesday, January 2, 2018

New Year 2018

well hello 2018! gosh... its been 3 years since ive made a post. where do i even begin!

life is much different than it was the last time i posted. i have a baby girl now that will be 2 this month! other life things have changed that i wont even go to right now. but thats not why im here. im on a mission to make this a much better year than the last.  so i thought i would share my goals with you and use this a journal for my progress. ok so here we go:

1. become healthier and stronger (not just lose weight and be skinny like all the past years)

i have a workout program that i have started and really enjoy. and im taking food one day at a time. i wanna grow healthy habits and know i cant have cookies everyday. lol.  ill be sure to post my meals and recipes when i get something good to show ya!

2. be a better mom. 

this last year has taken its tole on me. and i felt like i really slacked on my mom skills, grew impatient with her, and just didnt do enough things with her. so i wanna do all the things and love every minute i am with her.

3. re-build my relationship with God

i cant tell you the last time i consistently went to mass. or prayed. and i can feel the satan getting in the way. so, i will pray more, try to make it to mass more. practice my religion daily however i see fit.

4. give my self grace and self love

ive already started giving myself grace lately. when you are going through hard times, its best not to beat yourself up. so any time i was eating more, crying more, just sitting on the couch more. i gave myself grace and told myself it was ok. cuz ill eventually get to the other side. no point in getting myself down even more than i was. and i wanna give myself more self love. take the time to my nails, fix my hair, have a good soak every friday night. take the time i need for myself. i know itll be better for me and baby girl. and itll make me more happier i bet!

i have other little things i wanna improve on, but these are the main ones. i wanna make blogging a priority again too. hopefully you will hear from me a couple times a week! until then, i hope you have a great day!

Monday, November 3, 2014

50 days

this post is a little late. i was suppose to do it on saturday. but then i decided laying on the couch all day and being lazy sounded awesome. and well. it was ok. im use to being active, but the weather change down here has got me feeling a little under the weather. boo!

anywho. 50 days. starting on saturday, nov 1st. i started my own 50 day diet. 50 days will bring me right up to a big event. itll also carry me through my birthday and thanksgiving. ill definitely give myself some wiggle room on those days, but i dont wanna just go all out and binge, like ive been known to do.

so whats involved in this 50 days?

well one thing is eating right. im trying to get a whole30/paleo/clean eating thing going. what i eat is a big part of losing weight for me. (as i guess it is for anyone, abs are made in the kitchen) im gonna try and develop new recipes to fit in my diet. im even making special dishes for thanksgiving that i can eat and share with my family. i want to spread my healthy knowledge :)

ill also keep on with my running and about to add in my strength training. i feel like itll help my running a whole bunch. i feel weaknesses in some spots since i stopped lifting, so im ready to back to that.

ill only be weighing in once a week. which is kinda big for me. with me and he husband both on diets we weigh about every other day (he can win money for his diet, so more power to him) ill be sure to update my page with all that info for ya. i did measurements like a month ago, and just gonna assume they are mostly the same. and i also took pics. but ill save that for a later day.

i have 2 goals in mind: 1. fit in a little black dress that i have hanging up in my closet now, for my birthday in a few weeks. youve seen it before. i was able to zip it up after my first whole30. i dont really know if that goal is attainable, but ill sure try to get there.

 this one. its my shocked face that it even zipped up!

2. keeping myself accountable til the big event on day 51 (which i still cant share yet. i know, im mean). plus. who wouldnt wanna look good for the holidays.

though i made up this challenge and doing it on my own, i encourage anyone to join. i wont be checking in everyday, but you can always comment or email me (lacesandladles@gmail.com) if you want to join in. dont let yourself gain those 10 pounds during the holidays. give yourself a present and be healthy and fit for christmas. then you dont have those pesky new years resolutions to get fit anymore. you are worth it and owe it to yourself :)

heres to 48 more days

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Friday, October 24, 2014

consistency is key

happy friday friends! i hope youve all had a lovely day, since its about 7pm here. ive had things on my mind today, and im just sitting with my feet propped up watching Nightmare Before Christmas, so i thought i thought id chat with ya.

when i got on the scale this morning, i was quite surprised. it was a number i hadnt seen in awhile. it was number i barely saw a glimpse of when i did my last whole30. it got me way excited. so i started thinking about how i got to this number.

lately ive been trying to be pretty consistent with what im doing. besides this week (because i decided i needed a break) ive been running pretty consistent in the last few weeks. so i have that going for me. but im also trying to make better food choices. like when the secretary brought donuts this week, i glanced at them and that was it. i basically only went in the kitchen for lunch and water. im trying to cut out alot of sugar from my diet, so it was a no brainer for me to not touch it.

i think alot of it came from meal prepping. i kept to my breakfast and lunches. and i even kept up with dinner. even tonight which is rare for me to cook on fridays. im usually done by the end of the week and just want a break. so im pretty proud of all that. and i can see the results im getting with it.

no, i dont always make the best choices (i had a small piece of pumpkin cheesecake today, but who could pass up something with pumpkin!) but i try to make the best choices most of the time, like passing on the donuts. yes, sometimes we treat ourselves, but treats are becoming few and far between lately. im trying to get back on a paleo diet.. mostly 80/20. the more better choices i make, the more progress ill see. sure, my progress may be super slow, but atleast its going somewhere and the scale is going down. and thats all i can ask for.

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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

day in the life: my new normal

ive always loved reading the "day in the life" post on other blogs. but my life was always far too boring to even try to do one. it was basically get up, go to work, come home. repeat.

but i actually had a semi eventful day, enough to talk about anyways. so here we go :)

5:00 am: turn off my alarm, and try to decide if i really want to go run

5:02 am: check facebook and instagram to try and wake myself up

5:08 am: get up, go to the bathroom and make my way to the kitchen

5:10 am: eat banana (my normal prerun fuel) and play on phone still trying to wake up

5:15 am: get dressed to run and down some water

5:26 am: head out the door to run. and its colder than i thought.

6:30 am: get home from running 4 miles. super proud that it wasnt as bad as i expected it to be. besides having to dodge big groups of college runners. yay for living behind a college stadium.

6:32 am: chug some water

6:38 am: hubs gets back from his run so i chat with him for a bit

6:42 am: start cooking breakfast. eggs and sausage.

6:50 am: eat

7:00 am: head to the shower

7:12 am: get read for the day

7:42 am: leave for work

8:00 am - 12:00 pm: work

12:02 pm: go to my docs office to get flu shot

12:15 pm: get frustrated that im still sitting there waiting, its just a shot!

12:17 pm: go up to counter to see how long itll be and the lady gives me answer i coulda punched her in the face for, so i told her to take me off the list, and leave

12:20 pm: head to kroger. i need sweet potato for food prep

12:40 pm: get back to work and eat left over hot pocket i had in the freezer (dont judge, i needed something quick that wasnt fast food one day)

1:00pm - 5:00pm: work some more

5:10 pm: get super frustrated at how bad traffic is

5:22 pm: get home

5:30 pm: get to workin on food. put egg and lemon juice in blender for homemade mayo, cut up potatoes and get chicken ready to go in the oven for lunch the rest of the week, brown ground meat for chili the next day

5:50 pm: randomly pick up things around the house, im determined to keep my house clean

6:10 pm: finish making homemade mayo, then make dreamy avocado dressing

6:30 pm: finally start on dinner. pork chops and salad

7:00 pm: eat dinner and watch tv with the hubs

8:35 pm: drag myself into the kitchen to fix my lunches for the week, load the dishwasher, and refill my water bottles

9:00 pm: drag myself into bed and check facebok and instagram again

9:30 pm: make one last bathroom trip then off to dream land i go...

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