Tuesday, September 2, 2014

no review

well. if you are a regular reader (thank you if you are!), than youd know i was suppose to do a review yesterday of my workouts. well. i didnt. and let me tell you why. i havent felt well. and by mid of last week, exercising became uncomfortable. ill be making a doctors appointment this week to try and figure out whats going on.

but i have to laugh. i went into week 4 very motivated. week 4 is where i always stumble and fall. and here i am, doing it again. but.. i was pushing through even though i didnt feel good for like a week, so i guess it took its toll. im not sure. but im so ready to get back into working out. how are my mucles suppose to grow??

also, this past week/weekend have been hectic and never went as planned. so eating was a big ole miss. im so ready to get back on the healthy eating train. itll be better for my wallet too.. (eating out is so expensive!)

well. thats all i have for now. hope you had a great labor day!

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Monday, August 25, 2014

She Sweats 12-Week Run Builder: Week Three

i cant believe i already finished week 3. the weeks are kinda flying by. i had to adjust the plan a few days to fit my new schedule. after i finished week 2, i had about 3 days to wait to start week 3 so that my running training could fit the upcoming weeks. i orginally started the program kinda on a whim, and didnt make sure it matched up with my training. i stayed active in the 3 days though. i shaved 2.5 mins off in my 3 mile run.

week 3-5 are the same workouts. good thing im really enjoying them. stage 2 is "the pace setter" stage. the strength workouts are done circuit style. and, i kinda love it. my favorite day is leg day. having that sore-cant walk feeling is just the best to me. arms is becoming a new favorite too.. especially after flexing in the mirror today :) (what.. you know you do it too!)

this week started adding in HIIT workouts. which. i kinda hate. they are hard. (i guess thats the point? lol) im using the turbo fire 25 HIIT for my workouts (if you have an xbox, its on xbox fitness, which tracks how you are doing and get more points the harder you work, pretty cool). i didnt get any runs in this week, which.. kinda sucks. i was suppose to go yesterday, but things didnt workout well with timing (i overslept and then it was too hot to run). but ill make sure to add in an extra run this week so i can keep building my base. 

my eating is about 60/40 right now. but i prepped my food for this week, so it should go much smoother. and there aren't any more cookies in the office, so thats a plus. im starting to see my body change and strengthen, so i wanna feed/fuel it right. 

off to start week 4!

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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

*happy dance*

why am i dancing? well.. ive gotten all my plans to align. found a better race training that will work better for me. AND it gives me some extra time to lose some lbs before i start training and to get my eating on point.

im focusing more on myself than what other people are doing around me, and i just have this great feeling about everything.

i made no excuse yesterday when i wasnt feeling well and did my workout anyways.  this is the motivation i wanna keep up.

thanks for listening to my rambles. :)

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Friday, August 15, 2014

She Sweats 12-Week Run Builder: Week Two

i survived week 2 you guys. im really loving this program so far. leg day is such a killer. i love it. my butt hurt for days!

this week i fueled properly. what a difference. i felt stronger, and felt like my recovery was better. however, i did get a bad side cramp when i did sprints, maybe i wasnt hydrated enough? usually if i drink water during a run i get the worse side cramps. so maybe it was from all the fuel i ate. my cardio days are a banana and rice cake, and my strength days is a protein shake, banana, and rice cake.

my run on day one was slow. but i cant beat myself up like i usually would. im proud of myself for even getting up and doing it. i wake up at 5:30 in the mornings to get my runs in. and when i get a response of "your crazy" or "whew i could never do that" it makes me feel super committed to what im doing. if you want something, youll make the time.

on my lifting days i tried to up my weights on most workouts. im surprised how much i can actually lift sometimes! my arms and legs are my biggest insecurities (um hello, i can cover up my stomach with a shirt!) and i cant wait to see them start changing. lifting heavier weights on arm day made me feel good, baby steps!!

so, i guess what im trying to say is.. i loved this week. and i can tell im getting stronger. things can only get better from here :) though, my eating isnt what it should be, i can feel my body changing. but just to be sure.. i took progress pics this morning. this is a  2 weeks difference. im kinda surprised at the changes i see. but love seeing them! btw. these pictures are totally embarrassing for me, and it took alot for me to post them. but its part of my journey and im going to embrace it. im proud of the progress i made. so i shall flaunt it. please be kind with your words.

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