Sunday, March 31, 2013


Happy Easter!! i hope you had an enjoyable one like i did.

i started the morning off with a run, it wasnt what i hoped for.. but im making small progress

 then after i cleaned up, i prepped some veggies to take to my sisters house, who was hosting lunch. i decided to bring the green beans me and jamie love.

 lay frozen green beans in pan, season, and drizzle with olive oil. give it a good mix. then sprinkle with parmesan cheese. bake at 400 for about 30-45 mins. depending on the crispiness you like. me and jamie like them pretty crispy.

 we showed up to a spread of food and desserts. and i ate too much. and in a sugar coma.

but i got to enjoy this little lady too.

all and all a good day. not ready for monday!

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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

StitchFix #2

Lately when i get ready for work in the morning i stand in my closet for 10 mins going thru my clothes hating all of it. i usually keep my clothes for quite some time, so now im just bored with them. and when i have shopped lately, all i buy is solids. even more boring!

so then i heard about StitchFix and thought id give it a try. its really easy! just feel out the styling profile, schedule your fix and they ship 5 items right to your doorstep to try on. you immediately try them on (well you dont have to, i do, its like christmas!) and see what you like and dont like. keep what you want, and send back what you dont. easy peasy!!

my first fix i wasnt too fond of. it was colorless (like my wardrobe already is) and all winter stuff. but hello i live in Louisiana, its hot! though you could fool me this week. so i only kept one item and sent the rest back. but after doing some searching i tweeked my profile, added my Dress me up! pinterest board, and added in the comment section what i was looking for (no plain shirts, fun spring shirts). and this time i was really impressed with what i got!

when you check out online, you fill out a survey of how you liked everything. then each fix will get better and better as the stylist get to know you.

i kept 2 pieces that i really loved. one shirt that i loved (the black and white stripe with the bows) was too big on me, hopefully they will send me a smaller size next time

hello pattern!

love maxi dresses!

if you need some help with your style, i highly suggest you sign up for StitchFix!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Running Garminless

at the beginning of training i decided to not wear my garmin.

i use to be able to not go a run without my garmin. i just wouldnt run if i didnt have it or it had died. but i am a garmin stalker, looking at it every few mins to check my time and pace. it became a bad habit and eventually started affecting my runs. it was mentally screwing me up. (remember, running if a mental challenge for me)

so choosing to not wear my garmin has been an awesome decision. im not constantly looking to see how much time i have to run, i just listen for the little dude in my headphones to tell me "slow down, and walk". my running has improved so much by not wearing it.

but i tried to wear it the other day on one of training days because i thought i was ready for it again. but i found out.. i am not. i was constantly checking it still. so ive made the decision to just not wear it at all unless im not on a training day. as in my extra runs that im adding in every weekend. this past weekend i added a 1 mile run in. and each weekend leading up the race ill add half a mile to it to check my time.

my time this weekend

one day ill eventually get over this and be able to wear it all the time again. but until then, its really nice to be "unplugged".

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Sausage and Potatoes

way back when, when i was in my first serious relationship, my bf's mom made sausage and potatoes. and i fell in love. and then when we broke up i whined to my mom, and she started making it for me. and i sorta learned how to make it from her. it has now become one of my favorite meals.

i just call it sausage and potatoes, cuz well, i dont know what else to call it. alot of people called it a hash, but ehhh, i dont really know.

i try not to make it too often, cuz well, the potatoes go straight to the hips and  its not too health. but its a really good comfort food. which i needed this week.


i have a bad habit of not measuring. so ill try my best!

Sausage and Potatoes

6-7 potatoes, cubed (i used butter gold this time, but sometimes i use red potatoes) (use as many as you see fit for how many people you are cooking for)

1-2 links sausage ( i used hillshire farm beef smoked sausage this time, i usually buy whatever is on sale)



Peel, cube, and wash potatoes. Cook on medium heat til they start to brown some.


While that is cooking, cut up your sausage and start cooking that. Once potatoes have browned, start adding water, i usually put enough to cover the potatoes about half way up, to let "boil" and start to become soft and mushy. once the water is gone, i usually do this again. but you can do it until you get a texture you like, if you like them not as mushy and tender.

 Once potatoes and sausage are both done, combine, and season as youd like. i usually add tonys. and when the hubby fixes his plate, he usually adds more and some hot sauce. im not too much of a spice girl. i usually let them cook for about 10 mins together, to mix the flavors.

i did a quick version of this when i made it this week cuz i was tired and kinda lazy. but the addition of onions, garlic, and bacon add awesome flavor to this dish. 


Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Mental Game

the further i get into my training, the more mentally challenged i am. before my run last night i kinda freaked when i saw at one point i had to run for 4mins. that use to be nothing to me. on a whim, ive ran for 2 miles straight, 27 mins. but i couldnt run the 4 mins? jamie tried to put some motivation in me. i did alot better than i thought i would, i only took a few seconds walking breaks in the 4 mins runs. but next training day i have to run for 5 mins. i literally cursed when i saw that.

i think part of my problem though is fueling properly and drinking enough water before my runs. some days i do really well. but i know yesterday i didnt. its been a tough week (my mom is having surgery today) and so ive been eating whatever i see basically. and none of it was proper fuel for the run. so now that im getting more deep into my training, i need to take a second look at what im eating and drinking to prepare myself for my runs.

but to put a little hitch in my giddy up, i have signed up for race. ever heard of the color run? well i have exactly one month until the race. super nervous. but its time i finally did a race and hopefully i will be prepared for it.

happy wednesday!

Friday, March 15, 2013

ipod failure

usually, i charge up my ipod one day for my run and then use it again in 2 days when the battery is almost dead, but it usually last my whole run. i have done this so many times. well last night i thought would be no different. except, it was. i was doing my last run before my cooldown walk, and it just died. at first i thought my music had messed up. i mean my little dude on the app just told me to start running. well i hit the home button and sure enough it died. so, i decided to just finish it up on my own. and i did, for a little while, until i psyched myself out like i always do. it was more i didnt want to hear me breathing so hard, i needed my music.

i wasnt that motivated to run anyways. i got home later than usual and knew it was time to start dinner. but my wonderful husband told me to go ahead and go so i dont get behind on my training. i sure do love him :) and im glad i went.

running is such a mental struggle for me. and even though i feel really strong on my runs lately, obviously im still going to struggle with knowing that i can actually do this run. even though ive proved to myself that i can run a whole 2 miles without stopping, even little short runs challenge me. im so ready to be over that.

i should probably go plug in my ipod for my run in the morning. happy friday!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

8k Training

my friend, Heather, has convinced me to train for a 8k near the end of march. since i havent even completely trained for a 5k, this should be interesting. im using a 10k trainer for my plan. i figured id i could run a 10k, i should be able to do a 8k, right? well there are 10 more weeks til the race and 12 weeks left of the training plan. doh! i guess i dont have to completely finish that training, but hopefully itll be enough to pull me through!

the last 2 weeks that ive run have been good. ive felt really good and strong on my runs. i even got new running shoes cuz my others have been worn for awhile.i havent been wearing my garmin watch either.. which has been really nice. since im just in the beginnings of starting to run, i felt it was better to not be constantly watching my time and pace. ill probably start wearing it again in another week or so.

ill update every week how my training is going. i have high hopes this time!