Thursday, April 17, 2014


my, my. the blog just keeps slipping on by my busy schedule. these past few weeks have been crazy. i had a bad cold. then i had other things going on and getting ready for garage sale. that was this past weekend. and this week ive been rushing around doing things for this weekend. all while trying to fit in my run training for the color run this week. so ready for sunday to get here so i can just chill!

my running this week hasnt been so grand. even though I had a really awesome run on sunday. both tuesday and last night I had really bad runs. like.. not even running a mile. not sure if its the stress, my bad eating this week (I stress eat), or just a bad week. hopefully I do fine in tomorrows race. 

on monday I am full focus on then 'she sweats' workout im doing. ready to see these muscles grow!

hope everyone has a good holiday weekend! 
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