Wednesday, April 23, 2014

my plan

happy hump day! i hope everyone is having a good week!

my week has been going good. ive been making lots of plans. hence the title.

on monday i had a doctors appointment, just a check-up on how i was. ive mentioned before i havent been feeling well and working with a doc (id rather not mentioned whats going on at the moment) but he suggested i lose 10-15 pounds and he thinks it will really help me. well thanks alot doc! i wonder how long he has been wanting to say that!

so now instead of he-hawing around with losing weight, i have to get my butt into gear and put forth a good effort into losing weight. im gonna do some major meal planning (yea, me and pinterest are becoming good friends) and im gonna restart the She Sweats 12-Week Transformation. i was suppose to start 2 weeks ago, to be able to enter the competition. but things got busy and i was focusing on my running for the race this past weekend. sooo ive decided to start from the beginning. tonight. when i get home.

ive got to clean out the kitchen and fill it with things we should be eating and easy to grab snacks. and i think im gonna limit us to eating out only once a week. itll help out in the budget department too. thought i can post my exercises, ill post weekly reviews like i did when i started the program in january. ill hopefully be posting lots of food ideas too, what im eating, want id really love to eat (ice cream). it should be a fun ride :)

i hope you stick around for my journey :)

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