Sunday, June 22, 2014

why my Whole30 ended on day 19

well. my whole30 ended early. and i dont feel bad about it.

my main reason to doing the whole30 was to lose weight. oh and to leave the cookies alone. but as i did last time, i was getting tired of all the cooking, the boring food, and my bosses told me i was getting grumpy. sure, i only had 10 days left, but i just felt angry and sad everyday instead of feeling awesome like the program should make you feel. so, i decided to relieve myself of all of that stress and transition to a diet i could deal with. my plan is to eat whole30 style during the week and have a cheat meal on the weekend. and still avoid all sweets.

im happy to say that i havent touched sweets since may 31. i was even at a birthday party and didnt touch a piece of cake or cupcake. though i think i want it, i dont really. even with my cheat meal there wasnt any "mmmm this is so good" (except maybe the fries) probably cuz i knew its not what i should be eating.

overall i have lost 7 pounds. i havent measured inches, but my clothes are starting to fit better. im feeling better about myself too. i can feel my confidence getting better (if you follow me on instagram you might have seen)

lets see how life after a partial whole30 is...

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  1. GOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ALISHA!! :D Yay for no sweets!! :D