Saturday, July 5, 2014

A New Look and Halfway Through 2014

after trying to give the blog a new look earlier this week, and failed miserably (you may have noticed if you stopped by) i finally got with the program and got the blog looking all good again. im still working on a few things, but if you see any problems just let me know! now to the goals..

 well, its half way through the year. like seriously, i thought it was just new years. but here we are, in the heat of the summer. honestly, i forgot about my goals. so hopefully ill do better the second half of the year now that im reminded by them. so lets see how im doin..

  • Plan a date night once a month. - um. not really. we go out to eat probably once a week, but thats cuz im lazy and dont wanna cook. but it counts right?
  • Save more this year. Im going to be doing Whitney's 12 Month Money Challenge. - im trying to save when i can. you know how life is. but i havent been doing the money challenge. maybe next year!
  • Enjoy more time with friends. - um. yes! and im loving it!
  • Be more organized - im working on it!
Food/ Fitness
  • Lose 20 lbs. - well. ive lost 9. so im almost halfway there
  • Run a race that's longer than a 5k. - not yet, but i do have plans for this!
  • Strength train atleast twice a week. - when i was doing the She Sweats program, i was doing about 3 days a week, but i havent done that in a few months, but hope to start soon again.

i better get with it!

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