Friday, October 24, 2014

consistency is key

happy friday friends! i hope youve all had a lovely day, since its about 7pm here. ive had things on my mind today, and im just sitting with my feet propped up watching Nightmare Before Christmas, so i thought i thought id chat with ya.

when i got on the scale this morning, i was quite surprised. it was a number i hadnt seen in awhile. it was number i barely saw a glimpse of when i did my last whole30. it got me way excited. so i started thinking about how i got to this number.

lately ive been trying to be pretty consistent with what im doing. besides this week (because i decided i needed a break) ive been running pretty consistent in the last few weeks. so i have that going for me. but im also trying to make better food choices. like when the secretary brought donuts this week, i glanced at them and that was it. i basically only went in the kitchen for lunch and water. im trying to cut out alot of sugar from my diet, so it was a no brainer for me to not touch it.

i think alot of it came from meal prepping. i kept to my breakfast and lunches. and i even kept up with dinner. even tonight which is rare for me to cook on fridays. im usually done by the end of the week and just want a break. so im pretty proud of all that. and i can see the results im getting with it.

no, i dont always make the best choices (i had a small piece of pumpkin cheesecake today, but who could pass up something with pumpkin!) but i try to make the best choices most of the time, like passing on the donuts. yes, sometimes we treat ourselves, but treats are becoming few and far between lately. im trying to get back on a paleo diet.. mostly 80/20. the more better choices i make, the more progress ill see. sure, my progress may be super slow, but atleast its going somewhere and the scale is going down. and thats all i can ask for.

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