Thursday, March 15, 2012

Bringing it back

Yesterday was a stressful day at work. We have a friday deadline and so much left to do! So of course I freak out. And would LOVE to eat chocolate or have a drink, but i cant. And I couldnt exercise at work, that would just be silly. So at lunch with my salad, I had a little cup of mac n cheese.. I felt like crap after this... why did i do that? Oh right, Im an emotional eater. But im glad it was only one small cup. I usually eat more food than that when im stressed. But when i got home i knew i needed to burn off some of that energy. But i also wanted to do something i hadnt done in awhile...

That's right folks, i have turbo jam. I got it about 4 years ago and did it religiously.. sadly with no results. Probably cuz of my eating.. Anywho, I loved doing it again. Something about punching and kicking alot really gets anger out of you! I will def. be doing this more and more.. im bringing turbo back ;)

Oh, Tuesday I ran. 2.22 miles in 34 mins. Im proud. Im going back to my "run your butt off" training. Then i came home and did my kettlebell workout. Hurts so good! Im left sore for a few days the few times ive done it. no pain no gain right?

on another note: i tried this yesterday..

My boss does crossfit and is doing the paleo challenge right now, and he eats this about twice a day as his snack. We usually pick on him about it and he always wants me to try it. I told him i needed to put it on something, because i wasnt going to eat it right out the packet like he does. I had apples for a snack yesterday and he said "you must try it now", so i squirted it on my apple pieces. I am a fan! Im a huge fan of peanut butter, so i want sure how i would like it cuz he said its nothing like peanut butter, it was better. Im not gonna say it was better, but it sure was yummy and im going to have to pick me up some.

Hope everyone has a good day!

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