Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Honeymoon: Galveston

last time i was here, i wasnt a married woman yet. but now i am!

and i was also trying to fit into my dress. well i did!

now we are happily on the honeymoon and loving every minute of it. i didnt wanna forget it all, so i wanted to blog about it. ill also blog about the wedding, which went perfectly, once i get my pics in. so here we go.

after waking up at the hotel we stayed at saturday night, we went home to finish packing, stopped by moms to open our cards we received to see if we had any other honeymoon money and hit the road! we were beach bound!

 once we got there we needed food and hit up the Sunflower Bakery and Cafe. i had been there once before and remembered it being very delicious. my memory was right! i got a regular cheeseburger. but it was homemade on a homemade bun. and homemade fries.holy yum!

 afterward we headed to the hotel. and our room wasnt ready... for like 20 mins. so they upgraded us to the suite with the jacuzzi tub! heck yes! we had an ocean view from all 5 of our hotel windows. it was a pretty kick ass room. the jacuzzi tub was big enough to fit 2 ;)

 we then headed out to the beach for awhile, grabbed a quick bite and called it a night. we woke up bright and early the next morning cuz we wanted to be at the beach as the sun was coming up. it was so worth it! since its off season and during the week we basically had the beach to ourselves. it was quiet, but windy and cool. and the water was really cold too.. so i stayed on my towel alot.

 after hanging out there awhile we headed back to to hotel to clean up cuz we had a few places we wanted to go. one being specs to stock up on alcohol and so jamie could go since he hadnt been to one yet. and the other bring russo's for a big pizza slice! then we returned back to the hotel and napped until dinner.

we went to saltgrass for dinner. its one of our favorite spots. i have a spot in my heart for their filet mignon. i was one happy girl!

this morning we slept in then packed up to hit the road for san antonio. we arrived about 3 and headed for the riverwalk. but that will be for another post!

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  1. Congrats!!! :D BTW, that pink bathing suit looks awesome on you!! :D