Friday, October 12, 2012

Small Victories

this is probably i post i should have done ohhh about a month ago. but better late than never right??\

So about a month ago i woke up to our first beautiful fall morning and i saw this:
 i had no excuse not to get out on the beautiful day.. so i threw on my running clothes and hit the pavement. Jo was right.. the day was gorgeous.. weather nice and cool. perfect running weather. i went into it knowing i wanted to try and run a mile. i go into almost every run like that. ive posted before about how running isnt easy for me. my mind always takes over and tells me i cant. i think im slightly overcoming it though. well this time i was much more determined. and this happened:

i did it! i actually ran a mile! now i know thats a tiny victory.. but it was huge to me! and thats all that matters i suppose.

now that i knew i could run a mile.. it was my new goal to run a mile all the time
and it became easier and easier

but i knew i was ready for more. my plan was to slowly build up my distance and worry about time later. cuz i cant really change my time until i lose some lbs. fact. well that was my plan anyways.. unitl i did this:

though i was super proud of myself.. i then realized i would be setting the bar high to do 2 miles everytime! which i knew wouldnt happen cuz i psych myself out all the time. ive only ran twice since then but shorter distances.. like not even a mile. but hopefully soon i can get myself to run 2 miles again.. and then hopefully 3.1 miles to finally succeed in my goal of running a 5k.. itll happen before the year is over.. i just hope sooner rather than later.

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