Friday, September 26, 2014

Five for Friday

1. i havent forgotten about this little space of mine, just havent had much to say, than a bunch of curse words for how i felt and that i wasnt exercising. so i thought id save you from that. youre welcome :)

2. i hadnt exercised in a month, but this week i ran twice. its nice to get back in the game, but man did that month off wipe me out. hopefully ill get my endurance back soon.

3. since i didnt work out for a month (i am feeling better for the most part now) that kinda of bumped me out of the contest i was doing, but luckily they just posted another contest. should i give that contest a go??

4. i ate honey crisp apples (my favorite) as a treat last night. not ice cream, or cookies. an apple. who does that?? the new me, thats who. :)

5. ive been very careful about what ive been eating this week. its basically a whole30/clean eating kind of eating this week. and it has done great things to the scale. so im gonna keep on keepin on.

lunch this week

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