Tuesday, September 2, 2014

no review

well. if you are a regular reader (thank you if you are!), than youd know i was suppose to do a review yesterday of my workouts. well. i didnt. and let me tell you why. i havent felt well. and by mid of last week, exercising became uncomfortable. ill be making a doctors appointment this week to try and figure out whats going on.

but i have to laugh. i went into week 4 very motivated. week 4 is where i always stumble and fall. and here i am, doing it again. but.. i was pushing through even though i didnt feel good for like a week, so i guess it took its toll. im not sure. but im so ready to get back into working out. how are my mucles suppose to grow??

also, this past week/weekend have been hectic and never went as planned. so eating was a big ole miss. im so ready to get back on the healthy eating train. itll be better for my wallet too.. (eating out is so expensive!)

well. thats all i have for now. hope you had a great labor day!

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