Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Whole 30: Week 2 Recap

well, ive made it another week. im proud, but also SO tired of this already.

by this time, my cravings should be going away. but my cravings have been increasing as time goes. i want pasta, and bread, and ice cream. but, ive held strong and made sure i dont eat any of that. most days i look at jamie and say "i wanna quit" and he tells me "no you cant" ugh. i have such a supportive husband. but gosh, i just want some ice cream.

the biggest problem so far: i dont like veggies. ive been trying lots of veggies, and i just dont like them. i think its more of a texture thing. but i do not like brussel sprouts or eggplant. i did find out peppers arent as bad as i thought. but i cant only eat green beans, broccoli, and cucumbers every night. my fall back is usually a salad, but even that gets old. i just feel restricted to what i can eat. im ready for more variety.

they say going into the 3rd week you have so much energy and feel awesome. honestly, i feel the same. i dont feel like super awesome. maybe cuz i never really felt bad to begin with? im not sure. i havent really done any working out, so im not sure if i have more energy. i plan to get back into running this week, so maybe ill see a difference.

but on the plus side, i have noticed a difference in my body. slimming down. and i broke the rules *gasp!* i weighed myself since i was starting to get discouraged. im about 9 lbs down. in 15 days! thats a big crazy. its kinda my only motivation now to keep going.

16 days down.. 14 to go...

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  1. You can do it!! :D Also exercising is the key to the energy boost. ;) Just wait and see!