Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Whole 30: Final Recap

well. i have finished the whole 30. and while i dont have that "omg i feel amazing!" feeling that some people got, i do feel pretty good. i dont have that "im full of junk" feeling. my skin has kinda cleared up. im not bloated. and ive lost weight. but more on that in a minute.

there a huge factor in what could have varied my results. i didnt follow it perfectly. you may all gasp now. ill wait.

i didnt eat wheat, dairy, beans, or anything horrible. but some things had added sugar in it. like certain salad dressings cuz i was lazy. and i ate far more fruit that i should have to curb some of my cravings. but dont get me wrong, i dont think it effected me that much. i do feel better, lighter and healthier. but theres something even better.

i feel like i can take control over what i eat now and ive learned alot. ive learned of fruits n veggies i never thought i would like, i do. ive eatin more veggies over the past month than i probably have most of my 26 years. i can go the day with just 3 meals and not snacking. i can eat enough protien to fill me up and keep me full. i can eat enough veggies to fill me up, cuz no one ever got fat on veggies. ive learned to read labels and im buying "free range" "cage free" no hormones" meat and eggs. im buying organic fruits and veggies. im trying to eliminate as much stuff from my meals that shouldnt be in it. i can pass up breads and sweets pretty easily. i just have this whole new view of food and what i want to put in my body!

though i had quite a bit of cravings, they arent as strong anymore. i was hoping they would go all away. but it looks like my sugar craving is here to stay. but i wont obey it everyday. maybe only like once or twice a week :)

ill be doing another post about the "after" but i dont plan to stop. i plan to keep up with the paleo lifestyle atleast 80% of the time. and also add in some exercise.

this has really been a good experience and id recommend it to just about anyone. especially if they have any illnesses that could be mostly cleared with this diet. and it feels really good to have inspired some friends in family to atleast try it :)

so here are my number results. i have lost 10 pounds and 4 inches overall.

i know i woulda had better results if i had worked out. but it was more about food for me than working out. i do have plans to start working out though.

i decided to treat myself for doing such a good job and bought myself a new dress. i love it!

if you have any questions feel free to leave a comment or email me (

now if youll excuse me, im going find some ice cream! ;)

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