Monday, July 1, 2013

Whole 30

for awhile now, ive been reading into the paleo diet. ive read books, ive read sites, one of my boss' does it. ive said many times i was gonna do it. paleo is basically the "cave man" diet. you eat what people wayyy back in the day ate. meats, veggies, fruits, and nuts. the basics. no cheese, no pasta, no bread. (eek!) when i was doing my reading, i kept seeing something about "whole 30" so i looked into that. and now im obsessed with the idea.

whole 30 is basically a strict 30 days of paleo. no cheat days. it detoxes your body of all the toxins and crap we have put in our bodies by eating lots of processed food. it may help if you have any kind of health problems (blood pressure, arthritis, acne, etc.) its basically making you the healthiest you can be by eat natural, whole foods. but you dont have to eat like this forever. you just continue the paleo diet after the 30 days. the program recommends adding dairy, wheat, and legumes (beans) back into the diet in the end as a process of elimination of what could be causing your health issues, but ill get more into that at the end.

there are a few reasons i want to do this.

1. ever since i got sick lately, i just havent felt great. when i was eating decent and working out almost everyday, i felt GREAT! like i couldnt believe how good i felt. but now i feel like crap basically. i dont feel myself anymore, and i wanna get to feeling great again.

2. ive expressed this to jamie before. i wanna be the healthiest i can be when i get pregnant. i dont want to just fill my body with junk food when im pregnant. i wanna make smart choices for me and the baby to be healthy. we dont plan on getting pregnant for another year or so, but why wait til then to try to get healthy?

3. ive been hush hush about this, but my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer in february. its scary. and i wanna make sure my body is as healthy as possible so i dont have risk for certain healthy problems. my dads family has lots of health issues that im trying to avoid. if i really enjoy this plan, i plan on helping my mom adapt this lifestyle if she likes after her treatments (she cant eat certain foods right now, or has to prepare them certain ways).

i mainly wanna do this to get healthy, but i also wanna lose weight. weight loss is a "side effect" of this new lifestyle. so win win? healthy and healthier weight.

i plan on doing weekly updates. but ill be updating my "whole 30" page daily with the foods im eating. i have a few social events to go to this month, but ill just have to do my best with it. life doesnt get put on hold, and if i wanna carry on with this lifestyle, ill have to learn how to deal with these situations. jamie has agreed to do it with me at home to support me. which i love. id really love if he would do it all with me, but ill take what i can get.

im ready for this new journey!

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