Sunday, November 17, 2013

CM Farms

well. theres another thing i can scratch one more thing off my list. corn maze!

yesterday i went with my sister and her family to CM Farms in Dry Creek, Louisiana to go have some fun. we missed the pumpkin patch in october, but we could still go on rides and go thru the corn maze.

my nieces are 2 and 5.5 months, so really only the 2 year old could really enjoy it. we jumped on the jumping pillow.

and played in the tether ball courts

and road barrel rides

they road the wagon ride while i stayed and fed the baby

and saw pig races! i love pigs :)

after all that fun we went and had lunch. i got a foot long corn dog. yummy. sorry for not having a picture. and this little lady became a lil attached to me. :)

after getting some food in us, we decided it was time to tackle the corn maze. i joked and said it looked like it was going to rain. and well. it did. but thankfully not too hard. and we made it out just in time to find some cover.

once we were under cover. we took a few family pictures.

we even saw kitties :)

and before we called it a day, we decided to take a dip in the corn bath.

all in all it was a good time, and i finally got to go thru a corn maze! 

hope yall had a good weekend!

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