Friday, November 29, 2013

Friday Things

boy i sure have been MIA lately. sorry about that.

i hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving! i sure did. we had thanksgiving and my cousins new house yesterday. and today my mom is cooking a thanksgiving just for us and we will start decorating her house for christmas. ive already started mine. but i need a few more decorations. but ya wont find me in the stores today.

sooo heres whats been going on lately.

i ran on monday. i know.  holy crap. and it was FREEZING!

now i know what you are thinking. i quit running. yep. but then i signed up for this:

Color Vibe - this color run is actually coming to my city, woohoo! so now i have a bunch of friends to do it with me this time!!

and im about to sign up for this:

Santa Hustle - which is in a city about 2 or so hours from here. but i looooveee this city. its my go to vacation spot. me and the hubs eve went here for a few days on the honeymoon. so there  was no twisting my arm.

so basically, i didnt wanna suck on these runs. so i gotta get a little work in so i can atleast make it to the finish without walking the whole thing. so... thats the plan right now.

ive also been keeping myself busy with christmas crafts. im hosting 2 christmas get togethers at the house this holiday and i want the house to look amazing! here are a few things ive been up to:

i gotta get back to decorating! hope everyone has a great black friday!
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