Friday, November 1, 2013


i decided to forgo my usual "five for friday" post and tell ya whats been going on with me lately.

youve probably noticed i didnt post past day 2 of my whole 30. well. cuz i made it a whole 2 and a half days before i threw the towel in. im not motivated to do it this time like i was last time. im also seeing that i cant seem to commit to any food or exercise challenge (remember i was suppose to walk a mile every day in october? that lasted 6 days) so maybe no more challenges for me?

i plan to just try to eat healthier and exercise when i can or want to and see how that goes. no more pressure on myself to do things a certain way. i can eat pretty healthy when not even trying since whole 30, so maybe ill just let that be my way of eating for awhile.

if something ends up working ill let ya know. but as of right now, i have no plans, no goals, no challenges, no pressure.

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