Thursday, November 7, 2013

dear running

dear running,

i think we need a break. its not you, its me. weve had a good run this year (pun intended) but i think we need to call it quits for awhile. im just not motivated enough to deal with you right now and ive moved on to other things. we can hang out sometimes maybe if the mood hits me, but dont count on it for awhile. sorry i have to do this.

love, me

i just cant run right now. im not motivate what so ever. id much rather be lifting weights. even though there is a 5k in galveston, tx i really wanna do. its a christmas one. really, i think i just want the shirt. and i had even convinced myself to start training for it. but now with the time change and it being dark when i get home, i just dont wanna do it. ill find my cardio some other way. so far now, running is off of my exercise list. 

unless the mood hits me.

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