Saturday, January 14, 2012

So we meet again..

This morning i set out for a run. I haven't ran in weeks. Its been cold and Ive been sick. I was a bit worried how it would go since i hadn't ran in awhile, but i think i did fairly well. I am still attempting to run a whole mile without stopping again. Sadly Ive only done this once :( But I know it takes practice, so I'm giving it all i got! I didn't do too bad though, only a few 20-30 second walk breaks. I finished a mile in 13:36, and walked/ran .25 miles, making my total time 17:12.

Since daylight is sticking around more at night, my plan is to get back into running after work again. Ill be making a workout plan that I think will work best for me. Ill be sharing that later this weekend.

In other news.. I'm old. Wanna know how I know? i got excited over food containers. *sigh* Ive been hoping I could find some containers to prepare my salad for lunches for the week. Cuz if you are prepared, you wont have to think about it. So i went to walmart to buy some new bigger containers to hold soups and gumbo. And i stumbled upon these.
The answer to my prayers!! :D I plan to make my salad for the week, container it, and all i have to do is grab  lunch. Now I wont have time to think about a hamburger..

Later days! Hope ya have a good Saturday!

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