Monday, January 2, 2012

Big News!

Well the new year has begun and new adventures are upon us. My new adventure for the year? I am getting married! That’s right, my bf of almost 3 years proposed to me at midnight on new years eve! It was soo special! I already have so many ideas in my head! The wedding wont be til the fall, but im sure ill be rushed to the last minute.
So now I have another new goal for the year. Besides have the perfect wedding, I need to lose enough weight in the next 2 months to feel good about myself so I can fit in a wedding dress of my dreams and feel confident. For the next 2 months I will exercise most every day and try to eat clean and healthy. Ill be posting my weekly workout routines and goals.

This is gonna be a great year!

Do you have any goals you want to reach this year?

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