Thursday, January 26, 2012

My plan of action

Ive been thinking about how i wanted my exercising to be. I wanted to try and do my elliptical, running, pilates, and ST. but as i tried to come up with a plan i found out that i became very overwhelmed and decided to start small. for the first 2-3 weeks i will alternate days of running and pilates.

mon, wed, fri = pilates
tues, thurs, sat = running
sunday = rest

i will see how this all works out for me and hope for improvements in the weight loss department. the next thing i will add in is ST, cuz muscle burns fat. i will incorporate that maybe once or twice a week.

the new app i downloaded for my ipod is called 5k runner. its an 8 week program, which is perfect, cuz i have 8 weeks before its wedding dress time (eek!)

today i did workout 1/day 1 (W1D1), its pretty easy compared to the running ive been trying to do. i always try to bypass the first few weeks cuz i think "oh thats to easy" but i figure itll help me in long run. (ha!)

 1 workout down.. 23 to go..

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  1. Woot! 25 Mins for 1.6 miles, Notat for starting the training over again. Good luck Lisha! P.S. Im really liking the page so far, got it on my favs ;)