Saturday, January 21, 2012

My running journey

when i was in elementary school, i was a good runner. any time after that was just wasnt. once i made it into middle school i didnt care and began to gain weight. I didnt really start running again til about 6 months after the break off of an engagement with my ex in 07. i was single and ready to mingle. i was also trying to lose weight. I began watching what i ate, and jogged/walked for about 20 mins 5 days a week. the weight slowly started to come off, and i fell in love with running.

i was living at home at that time so i just ran around my parents neighborhood.  soon me and my sister moved in together in an apartment in town. Then the track became an almost everyday thing. i wasnt really losing any weight at this time, cuz im a fat kid and i love food, but i just loved to run. from abut that time (07-08) to when me and my new fiance moved in together ('10) my running has come n gone. ive started many 5k training programs and stopped halfway thru.

even though i love to run, running it hard for me. its a mental challenge to get myself to run even just 1 mile. i convince myself that i have to stop cuz i cant do it, or my legs hurt, or i can breathe. which is all a lie because i have ran a mile. and during that mile i kept telling myself  "just a little bit further", but to make myself run a mile again has been challenge. i havent done it since.

 (this was slow jogging and walking)

so to spare myself all the sadness and anger, i will once again start a 5k training program. mainly to fulfill my goal of running a 5k this year, but also to prove to myself that i wont die, or its not to hard. i will try to run 3-4 times a week with the program. i just have to tell myself that i can do it.

i though for sure today i could run a mile.. yet i failed again! to run a whole mile i have to jog at a pace under a 13 min mile. i know.. im super fast! but i guess i was feeling good and ran a 11:30 min mile pace for about 4 mins. no good! needless to say i tired out and didnt jog the whole mile. i did make it in about the same time ive been averaging.. but with walk breaks, cuz ya know, i was dying.. i walked for 2 more miles after that. with about 52 mins total of the 3 miles.

do you have difficulty running?

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