Saturday, January 28, 2012

saturday morning


this morning i was up bright and early.. about 6:30. i spent about an hour goofing off online (checking facebook and reading blogs), then i finally decided it was bright enough, and warm enough, to go for my run. i got ready and headed out. i should probably note that i dont fuel before i run. thats probably why i dont run very well, but i cramp easily, so i either eat a banana or half a granola bar about 30 mins before going. but other than that, its an empty stomach.

it was quite chilly at the boardwalk today.. i almost got back in the car and went looking for a track, but since the boardwalk is empty that early in the morning, i decided to stick with it knowing i would warm up. i did W1D2. this workout had 2 extra runs and walks from the one i did on thursday.


much to my surprise when i finished my run i had a text from my fiance that he was up. he works opposite hours from me and goes to work at 2 pm, so he sleeps all morning til about 1. after my run i wanted a good breakfast and to actually get to eat with my finace. in attempt to clean out the pantry and fridge before going buy more groceries, pancakes and sausage were on the menu.

i havent cooked a good breakfast in a long time.

Now im off to spend time with the fiance before he goes to work, then it shopping time for me. hope ya have a great weekend!

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