Wednesday, October 9, 2013


well i decided to change this wednesday up. i didnt take any pics of my food. sooo ill just show you what i want. what i want wednesday. here we go:

these boots from payless. boots never ever use to fit my big calves. but last year i found some at payless that fit so i immediately bought them. now i found these this year and have asked every person i know to buy them for me. no luck yet.

these running pants from lululemon. but even more, id like to them to have a size i could even fit in!! so first i must shrink in size so i can stuff myself into these. dreams come true right?

this spice organizer. my spice cabinet is getting a bit out of control.

these selecttech weights.i really wanna start lifting heavier, but dont want to have to buy separate dumbbells for all the weights i want. this seems so much easier.

this luck rainbow chex mix. i love chex mix... and i LOVE lucky charms. mmm.. i should make this really soon!

and as always. a pumpkin spice latte.

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