Saturday, October 12, 2013

Color Phor A Cure 5k Recap

today i participated in my second color run. and i came out even more colorful than the first.

this 5k was to raise money for pulmonary hypertension. a family in a local town was putting on a color run 5k to raise money in honor of their 3 year old son who has PH, you can read a little about their story here. my friend Heather asked me to do this 5k with her. she had PH has a secondary condition to a heart defect. so i agreed, cuz well i love color runs :)

everyone, meet Heather!

we got there about and hour early to get good parking and be there for any prerun activities. there wasnt really and activities, just lots of talking. then we lined up to make sure we were in the first wave of people. ya gotta get the good spot! while waiting in line, the colors started flying. we got colorful before we even left the start.

i started out pretty well, but before i knew it, i had to talk. i guess training woulda helped me in this run. anywho. my dear friend tried to wait for me and get me to run, but i eventually told her to go on cuz i just wasnt gonna make it running the whole thing.

some pics from during the run:

once i finally made it to the finish, i met up with heather. we took our "after pictures"

then we walked over to do the "color party" at the end. even more color! mostly purple, cuz mine feLl right back on me.


afterward, we grabbed cookies and hamburgers and watched the other color parties. then headed out. first stop back in town was yogurt mountain to use our coupons.

all i can say is... im hooked on color runs!!
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