Tuesday, October 1, 2013

31 miles in october

well its the first day of october, which also is the first day of breast cancer awareness month. i usually do the walks every year (except last year, it was my wedding day) even though i didnt know anyone that had breast cancer. but i have boobs, so i thought id support the cause.

but this year is different. i do know someone who has breast cancer. as i mentioned a couple months ago, my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer at the beginning of the year. after having a mastectomy about a month after finding out, she is now currently getting chemo treatment (only 2 treatments lefts!) that will be followed by radiation.

my mom has been such a fighter through this all and im so proud of her. i cant even imagine how she feels. but we surround her with love and support and remind her its just a bump in the road and that shes a survivor.

so in honor of my mom and anyone else who has had breast cancer or currently fighting, i want to walk/run 1 mile a day for them. when i go running and wanna give up i always think "do this for those who cant". i want to walk for all those going through treatment or healing, who are down, or cant physically do much. i will walk their walk for them and show them that they are not in this alone and someone somewhere is supporting them.

ill also be participating in 2 breast cancer walks this month to show my support.

how will you show your support?

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