Tuesday, April 23, 2013

the color run - recap

going into this race i wasnt sure how i was gonna do. on tuesday i had only ran one mile. and i didnt run the rest of the week. and on thursday i slightly twisted my ankle in some cute wedges i wanted to wear. i shoulda just worn flats. thankfully my ankle didnt bother me one bit during the race.

me and the hubs got to baton rouge friday afternoon to pick up my race packet. we didnt do much that night cuz i wanted to rest my leg and foot (my calf has been tight lately, but thankfully foam rolling has helped). the next morning my parents arrived in BR to cheer me on. i have the best parents :) after they arrived i knew i had to get my breakfast in so it could settle. i had a banana and a luna bar, my usual breakfast ive had before a run lately.

we had a corner hotel room where i could see the start line and the finish line right on either side of the hotel. pretty cool. and i saw TONS of people. when the email said 10,000 people.. i really didnt think there would be that many people. but there was. so i suited up to head out and join everyone.

after figuring out where to actually start at (there were 3 start banners?) i made my way over, and some how made my way pretty far to the front. after waiting around for 30 mins they finally gave the go ahead for us to start. right at 10. since there was so many people, they let us go in waves, a few hundred at a time. i was released in the 3rd wave. my family said that by the time the first people were finishing, everyone still hadnt even started!

as i took off i felt pretty good. besides sticking my phone in my tiny back pocket of my capris, and have it drag my capris down the WHOLE race. i quickly realized i was trying to keep up with everyone and was getting more tired than usual in the first mile. and once i hit an incline in the road i started walking. i had told myself that this was gonna be a fun race so if i didnt run it all so be it.

i quickly learned thru the first color zone that you had to get up right next to the people with the color or you werent gonna get anything. i sadly didnt take pictures during the race. they said you had to keep your phone in a plastic bag if you were gonna have it out and i didnt wanna deal with that. i already had to carry my color packet for the color fest at the end.

though i walked some of the race, i ran most of it. and when i checked my pace i was running wayyy too fast. like 10 min/ mi pace. i like never do that. i think i was trying to keep up with all the people passing me. but i kept pushing thru and made it to the end.

when i got to the end i grabbed water and found the family. soon after they anncounced they were about to do their next color fest. i went to the crowd and joined in the fest. and got covered with even more color. here is a few pics from a later one.

and one for boston

this race was sooo much fun. and i loved having the hubby and parents there to see me and cheer me on during the race. this is definitely a race to run with friends. it was slightly boring by myself. they are coming back to new orleans in november, so im rounding up a group to do it again!

find a race near you!  http://thecolorrun.com/

the professional pictures will be posted on thursday, so maybe ill have more pics to show you then!

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  1. If you let me know ahead of time I will come cheer you on but my lazy but cannot run that far. From Jennifer since I don't feeling signing on

  2. You did an awesome job! I can't wait to do the next one with you! :D