Monday, August 11, 2014

i hate food

ok. thats a lie. i love food (warning: im about to ramble)

me loving food is the problem. these past 2 weeks, ive done good during the week with my food prepped. but with nothing prepped for the weekend, it turns into a big pig out session. its horrible. and it makes me feel horrible. and i feel alot of times i cant get things under control. its something i struggle with all the time and im ready to get it under control.

im about to sound like a broken record... but i think im gonna do a whole30 again. its the only way i feel in control and get results. yes i wanna lose weight, but i really wanna do this whole30 (60?) to get my eating habits under control. i hate how food can be so addicting. i need to be addicted to the right stuff.

ive been busy on pinterest looking for more whole30 recipes so i dont get bored with what im eating. i will be super prepared for this whole30. cuz failing to plan, is planning to fail. and i just wont this time. ive been doing really well with my workout program, and i feel like im sabotaging it with my eating. and i just wont have that. i dont wanna put in the work to see no results.

so for the next 2 months im challenging myself to get my eating right. probably with a whole60. you will not control me anymore food. im talking to you cookies and chips!

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