Friday, August 1, 2014

one mile

i havent ran in 2 months. but before that i had run off and on. if youve read my blog for a little while, youd know running is such a mental game for me. sometimes i have the focus to just do it.. and sometimes i dont. probably why even though i keep training for a 5k, i can never RUN the whole thing. i must be more of a walk/run person.

but this morning i had a one mile run on the schedule for the training program i started. i seriously was dreading it since i got the program. cuz i havent ran a whole mile in a long time. im sure if it woulda been fine if i had to walk some of it. but I would know that i didnt run all of it.

so i set my alarm for 5:30 to get up and get ready to run. i got up, took my before pictures, while eating a banana and drinking water. suited up and hit the pavement. i did a quick warm up walk.. then took off running. it was so uncomfortable. but then i finally got in a groove. i told myself i just had to run the whole thing. on a normal day, that was setting myself up for failure. but something clicked today. i wasnt horribly out of breath. i wasnt in any kind of pain that i had to stop. so i didnt. as i saw the distance tick by, i got more confident in myself. and i surprised myself. with how i did, and my time. i usually only get a time like that when i have quick walking breaks. but not today. not freaking today. and im just so excited. and happy. and PROUD!

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  1. I'M SO PROUD!! :D I can't wait to be able to start exercising too! :D You go girl! ;)