Thursday, August 7, 2014

She Sweats 12-Week Run Builder: Week One

you guys, im so excited to be doing this program. it feels so good to get back to exercising and in a routine again. and ive felt sore ALL week. like the good kinda of sore. the kinda that makes ya want more ya know?

 obviously i cant tell you what all is in the program (you can buy it here) but i can tell ya how its going for me.

weeks one and two are "the starting line" stage. its weights and running. boy, i sure did miss lifting weights. i never made it through their other program, but im loving the lifting sessions more this time (they are slightly different in this program)!! ive been sore everyday. my soreness last a few days for each different lift day (arms, legs, chest and back). but i love being sore, lets me know its working. and im feeling stronger already or maybe im just more confident, who knows.

i had to switch up the days a little this week to fit my schedule and i think it really affected some of my workouts. they really mean follow it to a 'T'. next week shall be better. my running was only good on my mile run on day one. i can think of a few reasons why this is: 1) im a morning runner. this louisiana heat gets to me too much when i run at 5:30 pm and its 100 degrees. i prefer the cooler mornings and im not worn out from the day. 2) i havent been fueling right.

i never paid attention to my fueling that much, but im starting to realize how big of a deal it is. i didnt fuel right for most of the workouts this week, and it showed. but i have ordered some protein powder that comes in today (woohoo) and im heading to the store this weekend to stock up on easy fuel i can just grab.

speaking of food. im doing really good with my eating this week. i activated my bodymedia again, so im back to tracking. im following a somewhat of a paleo diet for breakfast and lunch, and trying to eat a fairly clean dinner. i feel so much better when i eat clean, so im gonna try and stay on this track and hopefully see a few pounds drop before the muscle weight starts coming on :)

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  1. Hi Lady!!!

    You are doing great! We love that you are blogging about your progress with the program and can't wait to read more!